3rd party Flash for D70

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Jul 29, 2002
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Hi ,

Anyone can recommend a 3rd party (non-nikon) flash for my D70 ?
Find that the SB600 is out of my budget.
Will it work with those TTL function.


That looks like a slave flash.

If you don't need TTL, you can get a flash that has Auto mode - it'll work just as fine.

3rd party flashes like the Metz32z-1 or Vivitar 285HV go for around $100 2nd hand.

One option is to use a flash with Auto mode. I have used an old Nikon SB24 (in auto mode) with my D70 before finally deciding on buying a SB800. With an auto flash, you won't have iTTL (latest Nikon flash technology) but it is nevertheless a cheap alternative to try out the wonders of an external flash. I have one SB24 for sale if you are interested. PM me if interested.

To the GURUS of photography,

I need your advise here. If I mostly shoot using flash indoors, I prefer natural lighting outdoors and I feel the built in flash for FILL-INs are sufficient, is it necessary to get those high end flashes like sb600/80dx etc.?

Indoors, mostly I will be shooting with the two(1main/1 for fill) flashes off-camera(slave). Purpose will be mostly for portraits. Also will use for bounce flash or with umbrella if necessary.

I'm planning to get sb600-main and vivitardf200-slave..or is this set-up overkill? If so, could you please recommend a set-up that might save me some bucks.

P.S. does anyone heard about "Morris AC Slave II", is it good? Is it available in singapore?

Thanks for your help.

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