LR Tips Stop Scrolling Through Your Lightroom Panels


Apr 9, 2018
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Instead, jump straight to the panel you want to work in. Here’s how:

Press Command-1 (PC: Ctrl-1) to jump to the top panel in your right side panels (in the Develop module, that would be the Basic panel. In the Library module, that would be Quick Develop if you’re using “LR Classic”).


Command-2 (PC: Ctrl-2) for the Tone Curve panel.

Command-3 (PC: Ctrl-3) for the Color MIxer panel.

Command-4 (PC: Ctrl-4) for the Color Grading panel.

…and so on, because the panel keyboard shortcuts correspond to the order your panels are in, from top to bottom (I mention that because you can change the order of panels – I covered that in one of my recent Video Tip Tuesday).

BONUS TIP: Press the shortcut for the panel you’re already in, and it tucks that panel away out of site.

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Have a great weekend, everybody.


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