WTSell: Lens - Other Vivitar 17mm F3.5 Minolta MD mount


Sep 6, 2011
Classifieds Type: WTSell

Equipment Type: Lens

Brand: Other

Short Description: Vivitar 17mm F3.5 Minolta MD mount

Price (S$): 99

Detailed Description:
Glass clean and clear, in dry room when not using. With the right adapter, easily goes on your Sony FE, Canon EF cameras.

It's a full frame lens, meaning on a full frame camera it would be 17mm, a true ultra wide angle.

For video it's great because it's manual focussing and you can nail focus manually.

Selling because 17mm is not wide enough and I already have 2 other lenses that cover this focal length.

You'll need adapters to work on modern cameras so be aware of that.

You can the lens, front original lens cap, and a third party rear lens cap that doesn't fit snugly. When I received it, it didn't have a rear lens cap, so just giving a cap here so the read lens element isn't exposed.

Deal only at my voideck, accepts cash and Paynow, no trades.

Condition of Item(s): 8

Name: HK Bian

Phone Number:
8787 2131

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