10 Tickets for Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 to be given away!

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Jan 16, 2002

10 lucky members of ClubSNAP stand to win a ticket to the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 which starts this Friday!!

How to enter? Tell us in 200 characters or more what you like about ClubSNAP and how it has helped you in your photography journey in a reply to this thread:-

To DOUBLE your chances of winning, please visit our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/ClubSNAP.Community - and click on the Giveaway tab.

Entries close at NOON Thursday 11th April and we will do the lucky draw then. Winners will be announced here and on our Facebook page with the collection instructions.

Good luck and see you all at the Tokyo Auto Salon where I am sure you will be focusing on the cars on display ;)



Great forum for novice, advance and professional photography enthusiasts to share and exchange personal experiences. Though I only recently joined as member but I frequently visited this site for photography tips, view wonderful photos shared by the members and candid and open discussions. Thoroughly enjoyable for a novice like me. Now I'm into the personal classified. Like a virtual mall. Great help and many thanks!

First introduced to me by my friend in photography, I got to know the marketplace in the forum where you can can find many different equipment to suit your needs. After exploring the forums more often, I got to learn of the various events and outings held by Clubsnap members and other events organised by other organisation such as Canon and National Geographical Channel. It is a great avenue to learn more about photography, access to great events and meet great photographers in Singapore!!

Clubsnap is like a second home to me, learnt so many lessons over from all the people who were sharing their knowledge which helped me to improve my photography. Met up with people from clubsnap and get to know them in real life and I think today I know quite a few clubsnappers who are more than just a nickname on the forum. My greatest moment of Clubsnap is being part of Crossing Bridges 9 Singapore team and CB9 was a trip with lots of beautiful and unforgettable memories.

CS Forum is one of the main stream forums for Singapore photographer (Just like how SCGM is the main stream forum for cars).

Having a great community of liked minded people is just great. We get to learn from each other through forums and even join activities hosted by CS. One of the activities is the Nikon Molest session which i had went at Funan, at least i have sometime to touch and test the lens before buying the lens. I started from the newbie section and the picture critics is a nice place to learn from one another!

ClubSNAP allows me to learn from the pros. I usually find great second hand buys from the ClubSNAP forums and when I do not need them any more, I resell them on ClubSNAP forums! Expert zone and a marketplace!

CS is the premier photography forum in Singapore and I even see members from other countries too. It enables members to share info and tips about all things photography and then some. Its also a marketplace where you can buy and sell equipment. Most of all, it brings us contests such as this Tokyo Auto Salon competition !

Clubsnap is by far one of the most comprehensive, local-based community for all levels of photography enthusiasts. The forums is where all the buzz is. Not only had I managed to buy my latest camera (a Lumix), it is also a good source for sharing of experience and bringing up the local scene in photo/video-graphy to the next level.

More good years to Clubsnap :)

Connects people from different background, with the same hobby, photography.

What do i like about ClubSnap? Everything! I am by no means, exaggerating. When i first got interested in photography, i was apprehensive; coming from a simple canon sx100, i did not have a keen interest in the more refined skills that helps to create wonderful pictures. When i googled for information on DSLRs, i chanced upon this forum; i have not regretted it since. With the years of information accumulated here, i was able to discern the essential differences between PnS cameras and DSLRs, the costs involved, and various other details that allowed me to cement my decision to purchase a DSLR.

The community was more than helpful; advice ranging from the best places to buy from, as well as information on dry cabinets, was readily provided the moment i asked. Kopitiam discussions are also entertaining :bsmilie: Eventually, i hope that i can contribute back to the community by helping other newcomers =)

Only 1 bad thing about this place; the amount of "poison" is just too much! :bsmilie:

CS forums has helped me in making the transition from using a pns to a DSLR through the useful threads describing all the major brands of cameras. Through my photography journey, ive been able to view and learn techniques from seniors here, take part in photoshoots to hone my skills, and also catching the buy buy buy virus from the sales forums. Forumers are friendly and helpful when offering advice which is the main attraction here!

Clubsnap is a Photography Encyclopedia. Most properly all the answer can be found in this forum; if not, once you post your questions many experts will come in to share their experiences and knowledge. Best of all it's FREE!

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Clubsnap is a wonderful place for all professional or amateur photographers to hang out. Photography tips and tricks are shared without biasness, it is a great place for experienced photographers to share and impart their knowledge to everyone.

Clubsnap is basically a meal in my life now. Before i start work i will open up the clubsnap android application on my S3 and browse through the "Services wanted" section to see if there is any available freelance jobs that i can apply for and also to browse through the "classifieds" section to see if there is any good deals. In the afternoon after lunch, i will browse through the galleries to look at the photographs of other professional photographers for inspiration for my own shoot and it applies the same during evening when i'm on my way back from work. Clubsnap has never left me for a day of my life and I like the way the forum is designed and its categorized very clearly as pages are easy to find. And being the most popular and active photography forum, I am sure i can benefit one way or another from here.

Clubsnap is my "The Source" for all my photography needs. Why? Simple. Where else can i easily sell all my used equipment sold? Where can I get tips on photography skills? Where can I find shops that has already compared prices for equipments that i need to buy? How do I save cash on buying new equipments from non retail shop? Where do I get samples of photo to know and compare what is good or bad? Where do I get to sign up for photography events? This list can go on and on and I am definitely a huge supporter of Clubsnap for what they have already done for me.

Hi Darren

Clubsnap is where I started and build my portfolio and confidence in photography. it is were I gained knowledge, enthusiasm, credibility and artistry; just to mention the master or perfect touch of all the members and moderators in rendering their own photos and expertise in posting all of there great works over here. Clubsnap gives me a whole and round approach to make better and improve myself in doing my photography. I see here in Clubsnap, my strength to push myself to be a professional photographer in the arena of wedding, birthdays and events.
Clubsnap is my first option or choice that comes into my mind, wherever I am looking for something or anything that needed to sharpen my skills, ethics in photography and the second family that I can turn to, whenever there's a confusion wondering in my mind.

I do hope that this portal would be the source of guidance and mentorship for all aspiring shooters, photographers, hobbiest and expectators , and the great means they have to further and advance there lifes, and be the necessities of everyone's daily life, whenever and whatever they looking for.

I do hope that this portal wouldnt be usefull only in singapore but also in south east asia, around asia and to other countries. May it proliferates to all and it may shows the relevance and the uniqueness of this photography sites.

thanks Darren.


Clubsnap is a great place for all photographers, regardless if newbie or pro, young or old. I'm a newbie, and have learnt quite a lot from the forum here.

I managed to get some pretty awesome second-hand equipment from other csers here, and most of them are nice people. Some even gave me tips on how to take better photos. Now, I am still looking through the thread looking for good buys.

The forum is often updated with various events and activities, and also workshops for everyone. Examples of events & workshops I have been to are the Breitling Jet Team performance, and the Gain City photo shoot for Nikon users. I also tend to look out for the awesome contests that are often held.

I also get to view others' works, and learn from some of the photos posted in the forums. I am very new in photography and am learning as much as I can from the forums.

As I continue to improve my skills, I am sure I will be able to learn more from the Clubsnap community, and maybe make more friends through the events and outings organised. I am sure many other members feel share the same sentiments.

Lastly, to all who are going to the Tokyo Auto Salon, enjoy the hot cars and babes, and happy snapping. (Don’t forget to share the photos here)

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Clubsnap has been the place for me when I started on my photography journey and since then I had been able to learn, practise, get critiques, make friends, chat in the Kopitiam and even occasionally get some good bargains in the BnS.

To be honest, I have been neglecting my photography these days and have actually reverted more to my Canon PnS as opposed to my DSLR. So I guess it's time for me to dust off the DSLR and start practising again soon.

Hopefully I can get to do my APAD again. :)

This is the place where i was born as a photographer, i bought my first DSLR from another forummer through the market place. Then i met other amazing photographers who shares their photography tips during outing. This is the place where we can practice, shares our photos in forums to get more comments, and improves ourselves. This is my journey, and i seriously love clubsnap as it become part of my life. Thank you Clubsnap.

Photography is my passion but it is hard to find friends around me who are as passionate as me in photography and this is where Clubsnap comes in. It’s a doorway that leads me to a group of friends who are as or even more passionate than me. Friends that I never meet before but we feel connected by the same interest in seeing the world through the lens. Never been to a proper lesson before I learnt most of my photography skill through Clubsnap although I am not as expert myself I hope that one day I am able to help others as how others help me in my photography journey.

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