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  • Hello Darren, can I open a thread which I have closed (or delete it)? I need to mark item sold in a recent posting but unfortunately, I closed the thread without indicating it was sold. Been getting enquiries from buyers, only to turn them away.
    Hi Darren,

    I would like to change my nick to "UnclePigpig" how do i go around doing it? If not possible pls deregister me and I register again. Thank you
    Hi Darren, I posted an item i wanted to sell at B&S section. I'm actually selling 5 pcs of this item & mod nightwolf deleted my post because he tought its a mass order/ sale but its actually not . Is there a way I can still post the item in the buy & sell section? Kindly advice.
    hi darren, apologised for the post on adverstisement. btw how can i do advertisement on clubsnap? pls do advice... thanks...
    Hello Darren,

    Would like to check why my post for the Volvo Ocean Race was deleted from Services needed?

    Hi Darren,

    I need your help on whether I can change my name from Ben Loke to another name.

    Previously it was not Ben Loke but after I have not logged in after long absent from CS, I found the current name was used instead.

    hi darren. just a quick question. i posted my selling items. do i need to repost a new ad when my ads get older or normally i do see some user posting an update as "up" to refresh their ad to be listed on the first page again. Is there such a function? if yes, how do i do it?

    I have signed up an account but has not been validated or moderated... I also paid the 195 workshop advertising package and now can't post anything yet. Please advice on the help.

    I actually register in order to know how I can put banner ads on clubsnap.com

    Pls revert soonest!

    I would like to post a 4D/3N Roadtrip event in CS organised by my company. I'm hoping to use this as a stepping stone to do Photography Roadtrips in future.

    My company does alot of motoring holidays and a handful is only open to the public. Such as this Penang trip. Not so much on commercial value, but a way to interest noobs like myself to start shooting out of Singapore.

    It is similar to any other trips organised herein CS, its jst that im making use of my company's profile as a driveaway specialist and travel agent to extend advantages to other members.


    Please advice.
    Hi Darren, I posted a WTSell yesterday and now it is almost on page 3. Is there a way to bring it back to page 1 or is this not allowed (I would understand since it would be chaotic if everyone wants their ad on page 1)? Sorry, I'm new here.
    Hi Darren, I noticed from your posts that your thoughts are very organised. We users appreciate your guidelines you posted. Do you own this forum also? I'm very new to photography and really found this website fantastic.
    Hi Darren,

    This account was given to me by a friend. Is it possible to change the account name?
    Hi Darren,

    I posted a sale < WTSell: DSLR - Canon 10D Grip >,
    but how come not appearing in the first few threads under < Buy/Sell: Canon Equipment > ??

    Thanks to help...
    Hi Darren,

    I posted something on Critique Corner a day ago - titled Solitary Fisherman. That said not a single person has commented (negative, positive or neutral).

    Just wondering if the post could be improved at all - maybe shorter?

    Would appreciate any advice Darren. Thank you!

    Thanks heaps.
    Hi Darren,

    I would like to register as advertiser. Mine is a new model agency providing budget & good models from all ages, races, sizes.
    Plus we would like to intro our photography membership to yr club. Thanks.

    Ana Ang,
    Advertising Officer
    OKm3 LLP
    OK Models (AdorBies Club).
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