10 Tickets for Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 to be given away!

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Chance upon CS by the recommendation of my friend. Here, I get to narrow my targetted PnS camera by reading the reviews of different models by different individuals with no commercial gains the pros n cons of each models. Alas, not to forget I learned a lot from the pictures shown in the threads.

A forum which I will recommend to my friends too, CS!

I came across clubsnap when i first got my camera as a birthday gift from my dad. It was a compact camera at that time. Wanting to explore ways to remove noise from Panasonic camera taken pictures i was introduced to this forum. A brief search and i notice it was also from another forum i used to visit which is hardwarezone. Then i was 15 when i registered my this account. It taught me some Photoshop Technics to reduce the noise and also learn on more photography skills.... I was exposed to dSLR, but it was beyond my reach as a student. I saved up and got myself my first prosumer-camera after review from members here. it was a FZ50. Tho it can not be compared to a dSLR, it was relative good for usage and i learn more, there was even a FZ50 group and we shared pictures~ I also attended the Clubsnap workshop the same year, i still have the card with me till today! It was a great exposure and i learn from a senior call Ed, oh well he had left us for a better world but ya, its the friendship and great outings to shoot bird which i appreciated. Also not forgetting the outing we got, people did not look down on me as a prosumer user, while they are all using dSLR...

2 years down the road, there were great reviews on D300 which was my first dSLR, i learn and pick up the skills to do more complex this which my previous camera could not... understand lens and reading reviews, more importantly the price guide was once a great help. sadly not much follow up is made these days, but it was great effort and i understand the pain doing it....

now i had my full-frame, after also paying respect to this site first before my purchase, i would say Clubsnap is a one stop photography place to get great reviews and sharing! it had seen me grew from a 15 years old till a 23 today, that's nearly a decade!

I still clearly remember that 3 years ago my dad told me there a camera forum in SG .so i went to search and I found CS . I bought my first camera 40D from CS in 2009 . Till now I still like this forum because I really help me a lot in my photography skill .Althought I am Malaysian but this forum are way much better than the forum in Malaysia .

Cs help me a lot in the technical problem I am facing in camera to equipment I can't really decide want to buy or not .

Cs really helps me in all round since I am into this photography world .

Cs rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photography is more then just capturing an image, but it is a form of art. It captures memories, and can symbolize messages, and emotions. Any language is able to understand or figure out what a picture means, or represents. Believe it or not, I learned most of these things, by being a lurker here in ClubSNAP. :)

Coming from film camera, and after a stop of 10 over years, decided to rekindle the relationship with DSLR. The advancement of science and technology of photography make me readjust to its hardware. As for the fundamental it is the same, and that gives me an edge of learning.

In SC, it is my learning field as well as playground. On learning field, I can pick up photography tricks, taking up photography workshops and appreciating new equipment. On the playground, I join photography outings, model shootings and buying of the gadgets.

In CS, always learning......

CS is the heart and soul of Singapore photography. Bar None. The sharing is phenomenon and the knowledge base ocean deep . I have been with CS for many years and each day brings forth new knowledge and insight. The learning is endless.

CS is the best place to be for those looking for group shoots, activities, buying/selling gears and all photograpphy related activities. Also bar none. It is really that GOOD !

Back in 2002, Clubsnap was the avenue to go to for COSPLAY pictures after an event as all the pro photographers would upload our pictures on the forum.

It was also here , when looking for photographers to shoot for a private cosplay event, that I made the acquantaince of some members who I remain good friends with till now!

This also prompted me to buy my own DSLR and practice all the tips and tricks that the many clubsnap photography masters have so graciously shared throughout the years!

It would be wonderful if I win these tickets so that I can practice some more when shooting the JAPANESE cars and of course the girls at the event!
This would also give my wife a chance to open up her eyes to the wonderful world of great looking cars at such a glitzy event!

Here are two cosplay shots that were taken by my good friend Steven that I knew from this forum and a shot that I took recently!




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CS is truly the only platform where photographers be it beginner, amateur or professional gets to meet, greet and interact with one & other. I would consider it as one of the best Photography forum for networking, exchanging of ideas and technical knowledge. My long 7 years journey with CS has been wonderful and pleasant. It is not just a internet website but I got to meet real people, friendly people and most of all people with the same passion, photography.

New products appears everyday. We can always ask in clubsnap from other local users.
I use clubsnap to check price. I post photos for critics. We share knowledge. All very useful.

Clubsnap is the best local platform for all photographers be it whether you are NOOB, SEMI-PRO or PRO to interact with one another. I love seeing great pictures from all kinds of genre at Clubsnap forums and it has also been a great place for us to sell our beloved lens to another person who will know how to take care of them!


The 10 Tickets for Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 to be given away! contest is hereby close.

The lucky winners will be announce later at 5pm.

Collection location is at:

SGCameraStore Studio Equipment Branch
NO 3 Coleman Street
02-21 Peninsula Shopping Center
Singapore 179804.


Congratulations to the following members (and Facebook users) - they have each won one ticket to attend the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 show.

Eddy Edward
Ooi Soon Han
Allen Lew
Chris Tiew
Nathan Linarto
Ben Koh
Ronald Tan
Grace Lee
Jeffrey Fong

We have sent an email to your registered address. Please print out the email and bring it to the following location to collect your ticket:-

SGCameraStore Studio Equipment Branch
NO 3 Coleman Street
02-21 Peninsula Shopping Center
Singapore 179804.

Congratulations once again and we hope you will share your Tokyo Auto Salon experience with the other members of ClubSNAP.

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