Where can I get a Hygrometer?

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Adam Goi

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Did I spell it right?

Anyway, can anyone advise? How much does a digital one cost? How about an analog one? Where can I find them?

Or better still, anyone can loan one to me? ;p

I got some problem with my new dry cabinet and I need to ascertain whether I got a faulty cabinet or hygrometer so it won't take long; just a couple of days ;)


Hi Adam,

I got mine from HomeFix for $36 (? I think). Don't mind to loan you but this afternoon I'm leaving for CNY holiday and will only be back next weekend. If you still need it by then please let me know. :)

The digital hygrometer I'm using (I've only seen 1 brand/model in Singapore) can be bought for:

$32.90 at HomeFix DIY Shop (most other DIY Shops should have it)

$28 at Giant Hypermart

I recommend you get a hygrometer for yourself, it's not too expensive and you will never have to second guess your dry cabinet readings again.

In fact with a digital hygrometer, silica gel and air tight box, I think I can do without a dry cabinet for the time being.

Grin you got reading problems too huh. OK for what is it worth been told that every hydgrometer save those used for weather forcast purpose or on board ship ie pricy big heavy are not very accurate. I do not know if that applies to the digital ones.

The ones that came with the dry cabbie are :-

#1 very optimisitic ( a reference non digitial one bought ot check shows it reading about 20% under ie if it say 50 it is actually 70.

#2 a new dry cabbie is only about 5 over ie 50 mean 45.

Of course if the reference unit is wonky ????? then you know what I mean.

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