Toa Payoh / Bishan / Ang Mo Kio Shooters Anyone?

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Jun 5, 2008
Not seen or heard anyone from these areas. Planning an outing soon in this vicinity.
Suggestions welcome.

count me in from Bishan,

Yes no problem. Just join us for a very first outing soon....
I think all are welcome but the venue will be near or in this region.
Any suggestions?

Planning this Sunday morning (13 July) 9am if everyone is ok.
Some choices :
(1) Bishan Park
(2) Ang Mo Kio Town Garden
(3) Reservoirs - Pierce or MacRitchie

Yes all included. I think those who stay far but keen to join are welcome too.

Those interested, can also pm me your contact so once we finalise location can sms direct for meetup if we are not online.

I;m from AMK... if it's this Sunday morning, i shd be able to make it unless i join a paid shoot.

13 June (Sunday) 9am - location tbc

1. nemesis32

Those interested can pm me your name & mobile contact so we can finalise the location latest by Friday. All are welcome to join in.

suggestion... instead of random shoot, we could have a photo-story instead.. eg park in Central Singapore, Schools, community centers... etc

bblurrr, will not be random shoot. You can think of photo-story. Already got 2 tall models just you think of story line....can pm me your contact? Otherwise they just pose normally.... heheh

Those interested, pls pm me with your contact and will finalise location by this Friday for Sunday!

I'm ard Toa Payoh as well. It would be nice to join some people living nearby for a shoot. Sunday's okay but I can only be there at 10.30, if you guys don't mind.

Well 2 likely locations:
(1) Leggy Theme at Bishan Park (garden theme) OR
(2) Leggy Bareback theme by Singapore River - boat quay or clarke quay (urban theme)

** note if weather is bad will revert to (2).

Please vote now! Unless you got any other suggestions.

Beginner can join?

Sunday onz. Prop, PMed you.

Sierra, beginner normally cannot join one. Minimum entry level accepted is 75 years of full time photography experience plus must have taken a picture of how a sound looks like, but this time pang chance ;p

Then again, you really beginner meh? Your gears seem to add up quite a fair bit.. almost Full Battle Order.

me! suggest a shoot at lower pierce :)

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