Our Wedding rings

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Mar 17, 2004
My wife and i married last year on 31st May 2003 and our 1st anniversary coming up , so last night took some pics of my weddings rings to celebrate this coming day.

To my dear wife ,

I love you.

ps. Rings was bought from Soo Kee ,
the brand can be seen in some photo.
Not intentional.

Sorry guys photo deleted due to storage quota.

they're v nice,esp the second one. :thumbsup: dun mind me askin the technical specs of the shoot? did u use a soft focus?

dong said:
they're v nice,esp the second one. :thumbsup: dun mind me askin the technical specs of the shoot? did u use a soft focus?
:gbounce: :gbounce:
Yeah yeah, share technic share technic :)

Oh and of course, Happy anniversary to you and your wive :lovegrin:

honestly and technically, i feel that the last two pictures are over-sharpened, the 2nd one cant work and the first one, although nice overall, my attention is being drawn to the orange container behind rather than the rings.

i like the "dream" effects of the 2nd picture... Happy Anniv Arowana.. :)

very nice PS...
how do u create the soft focus effect?

For those who want to know .

Enclosed is the photo of the original. i use ulead photo impact Xl to get the effect i want. that is to make it more "dreamy" to me.

*Image deleted*

Good try... Please pardon me for my 2 cents worth of comments.

I noticed there are unnecessary "distractions" on the shots.
1) The smooth metalic surface is showing your hands, camera and the surrounding. Therefore, it is showing several colors on the rings.
2) Jewelry photography is not merely shooting the shape of the rings, the most important part of the ring is kinda being left out. The Diamonds!!!
3) Since you are doing PS for the shots, I would rather you spend more time cleaning up the shots like the scratches on the rings and the diamonds.

Nevertheless, it was nicely done.


Bro , me not doing jewelry shooting , just to show my wedding rings . Any scratch and dented marks are allowed but thank you all for the comment. Me will learn more .

no worries bro... merely trying to help.


arowana, I think thats a really sweet & romantic gesture on your part. :thumbsup:
Can feel the loving relationship u and your wife share. :)


I feel the pix are a little overprocessed. I don't really like them cos too strong in the processing. Thanks for the 'sharing' anyway - you've got a long life road to go, arowana :D

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