Online Chat

Didn't Simon setup an official one?

Originally posted by AdamGoi
Just in case you're not aware, we have an irc chatline @ Galaxynet! Come on in to #dc&p! ;)

adam, from fcbc right??,....i wonder if our church got more camera fanatics around....???

yah. i visited the channel on a few occasion. Its usually very quiet there. One of my personal favourite chatter is Ian and Rueyloon, they are "always" there when i chat with them :) . Once in a while.. i do see megaweb as well, but dont really have a chance to chat with him either :(

Oh.. did i mention sbs99, saw him once in the channel too.

Ah yes, if you've never seen Klause's eyes, that means you don't hang out at the channel enough. So if you think the channel is quiet, maybe it's because you don't stay around long enough to see the action. :p

...what image quality did you shoot those amazing pics at? Fine or Tiff? for Ex. the one with the boy blowing bubbles.:gbounce:

Anyone here tried accessing the online chat? Can't seem to get in. Got this msg jchat applet not loaded. Anyone help can help?