KM Dynax7D or Canon 20D

What to buy...

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Feb 15, 2003
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lets assume that both cameras cost about the same, think 20D is about US$1600 den 7D i think would be around that region...

which would you buy?

I can predict the result of your poll ... the 20D will win by a country mile.

Well, it shouldn't matter what brand it is with regards to good pictures right? ;) But from the commercial point of view, with such a large user base from Canon, 20D should be the like what Amfibius mentioned:"the 20D will win by a country mile". Both are good camera.

I still buy dynax 7D . too many canon users already, for me,i like to try something diff.

if its similarly priced...and the quality if the D7D is comparable to Dynax 7...heh...I'll go for the minolta...heh...

But never the less the large Canon base/support is definitely a plus point here too...

is it too early to tell, i mean the camera are not even released yet. All this will only lead based on specs and brand loyalty. :dunno:

minolta!!! IS in body so i can use all my precious old lenses

minolta. imagine the money save from buy non IS pro level lens cause the IS is in the camera body!!

Waited For Soooo Long, Where's My D7d? No Money To Change Brand Anyway....

I read somewhere that the 20D viewfinder is worse than the 10D
and 10D now starting to be available use " Cheaper "
so my vote if " forced " to jump ship should be a used 10D

But if D7D viewfinder same as D7 or 800si
and not too $$$
most prob i'll stick to the Minolta

Else will consider the *istD
played with the one in Alan
quite nice...
just Pentax lens seems not to popular here in Singapore


kelster said:
interesting...where you read that??....been hearing all the good stuffs...refreshing to have some negs coming out...heh

"As mentioned, the 20D has been reduced in size over the 10D and previous models in this line from Canon. Such shrinkage is not without its price though. It has been achieved by reducing the size of both the pentaprism and the instant return mirror. This makes the viewfinder a bit dimmer and a bit coarser than the previous generation. The coarseness isn't all that apparent indoors or under low contrast outdoor light conditions, but outdoors on a bright sunny day it's painfully obvious. (Canon claims that the coarseness to aid manual focusing, but that's just marketing BS; simply an attempt to turn a deficiency into a feature)."

taken from


When is the KM Dynax 7D even coming ar? Just interested in knowing... ... ... :)

Are you buying into a completely new camera system? Remember you are buying a lens system more than the camera itself. You will change your camera sooner or later but good lens are forever

Finally we are about to see the camera's version of "Romance of the 3 kingdoms"....

Just saw the preview sample of 20D from looks very impressive!

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