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  • Hi, i try to post a tread at "Services Wanted" looking for FL models. But being 2 days liao... Still did not appear. Can u help me? Thanks
    Hi, i try to post a tread at "Services Wanted" looking for FL models. But being 2 days liao... Still did not appear. Can u help me? Thanks

    I am not sure where to report this...anyway I responded to the post by Rafela selling his Nikon AFS VR 18-105. Offered S$300/- by SMS..he got back and agreed for the deal at 2100hrs tonight. He called up at 2045hrs to say that the deal was off, since somebody offered him S$330/-.

    This is unfair, since we had a deal.


    I posted to sell my KMA200 to a forum member and he replied by PM. However, when I tried to PM him back, it just says that his inbox is full and I can't send the PM. How can I contact him - can you release his PM limit or something? The member is joezilla. Thanks!
    dear moderator Del_CtrlnoAlt,
    my thread to sell in the Nikon personal classified seems to be missing.

    I don't see it jumping to the first few after an update. It seems to be stuck somewhere...
    Please advise. TIA!
    Hi Del, i think i made a mistake in my post on WTS 400D, post no 4. Please delete it for me. For more info pls pm me. Its kinda urgent, thanks!
    Hi, sorry I accidentally posted something in the wrong section. I should have put it in 'Photo Biz' but put it under 'Services Wanted' instead. Please help me delete it from 'Services Wanted'. Paiseh.
    hi! i'd like to report this vinkkl75. We did a photoshoot two saturdays ago. When we were supposed to meet for him to give me the CD, he backed out because he wont sign a Photographer-Model Agreement.

    He was very unprofessional also in dealing with me. He said he destroyed his pictures already, but i doubt it.

    Can you ban this user from the site? He has not fulfilled his obligations to me till now.
    Hi I refer to the post attached below. I contacted BluSpoon on 18/9/08 and agreed to deal 19/9/08 4.45pm at Thomson Plaza, the place was selected by BluSpoon. We agreed to trade my 4Gcf card with his Sb600 with diffuser and I top up $230.
    On 19/9/08, I sms Bluspoon at 4.30pm telling him that I reached Thomson Plaza and asked him to contact me when he arrive.
    To my surprise, he sms me and told me he can't deal today as he flash was left oversea. Finally he arrived half an hour late, and agreed to buy my cf card for $30.
    Personally, I felt this is a little unfair for me. If He left he flash overseas, he should have call me earlier so that I do not need to take off just to attend to the appoinment.

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    BluSpoon WTSell: Flash - Nikon SB600


    Advertisement Category: Want To Sell (WTS)

    Equipment Type: Flash
    Equipment Brand: Nikon
    Equipment Model: SB600
    Price (S$): SB: $230 BNP: $270
    selling a very gd condition sb600
    rarely used only about 2-300 fires
    comes with pouch and if hit my BNP ill give a free lambency flash diffuser (lightsphere cost $28)

    test fires can be done at dover or pierce reservior area
    comes with the pouch only no stand as i lost it ... will try to find it back

    Real Name: shawn
    Contact Number: 96817001

    Condition of Item (as per guidelines): 10
    Warranty Status: sold as is

    lambency ( if hit BNP)

    Additional Comments:
    buyer to collect at my convenience
    My Empty Flikr ... :)
    Hi Ter,

    There's a thread that is selling the CS3.3 web edition at $300 by a "prana". I think this chap is just making use of the $97 mine.com.sg offer for CS3.3 web edition that's also found within this forum and trying to make a quick buck. Do you think it'd be better if the thread got cleared out to protect unknowing CSers from making this purchase of the MOE version of CS3.3 ?

    Thanks and for your consideration.
    hello. could you please help me to delete this post

    WTSell: DSLR - Nikon D60 body xiiaoDEATH 48 Minutes Ago view: 304

    thanks alot.
    Since we are not able to post a reply in the 'Buy/Sell: Nikon Equipment' forum, please note that the item FS in thread 416296 is NOT a Nikon lens, but only has a Nikon mount.
    Please correct this.
    Why don't you allow replies? If the mods are the only responsible ones here, then something like this would have been caught.

    may i know why i currently can not find the "post reply" button on my explorer? i'm currently browsing a WTS thread and as I was about to reply to the seller i can not seem to find any "reply" button. the "quote", "quote reply" button is available on some other threads. is it with the new rule for the buy/sell forum? many thanks!
    Hi there, I need your assistance/advice on trying to upload a pic onto the Canon equipment forum. I want to sell an EOS 1V HS. But I can't seem to upload pics. My pics are on my local drive, so they don't have URLs. Am looking to upload 3 pics. Thanks and regards.
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