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Portable outdoor & Studio Items for Rent! High power outdoor/indoor strobes/backdrop/stands and accessories

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Lighting Set (Advanced)
Rental price
(First day rental rate)

Set includes:

1. 2x ARRI 150W Fresnel with Dimmer
2. 2x ARRI 300W Plus Fresnel
3. 2x Dedolight DLH4 Tungsten Light Head
4. Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 Double Fixture Kit
5. Cutters / Frame set
6. Gel set (full/half CTB/CTO, soft, ND)

Can also be bundled with the Cine Prime Set at $600.

[h=1]Lighting Set (Basic)[/h]
Rental price
(First day rental rate)
Set includes:

1. 2x ARRI 150W Fresnel with Dimmer
2. 2x ARRI 300W Plus Fresnel
3. Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 Single Fixture Kit
4. Gel set (full/half CTB/CTO, soft, ND)

Can also be bundled with the Cine Zoom Set at $400.


The light head of the Dedolight system is extremely compact yet with its dual-lens concept provides high light output. With a 150W lamp in the flood position, its light output is greater than a 300 watt Fresnel studio fixture. In the spot position, it equals or exceeds a 1000 watt Fresnel studio fixture.

Studio Rental Rates
We open our studio daily. Rental rates include the use of all studio equipment and accessories (we will appreciate if you can let us know in advance if you need any specific equipment). If you'd like to hold a meeting or an event in our studio, do advise us on your requirements and we will assist in the arrangements.

» Hourly Rates (Min 2 hrs):
- $30/hr for weekdays * Additional $10/h for rentals between 6-10pm.
- $40/hr for weekends and public holidays

» Day Rates (9am - 6pm):
- $200 for weekdays
- $300 for weekends and public holidays

All bookings subject to availability. Discounts available for rental of camera equipment during studio bookings.


Gel Pack
Rental price
(First day rental rate)

Lee lighting gel packs provide an affordable solution to conveniently carry a broad assortment of lighting gels including CTB, CTO, Diffusion, Party Colors, Color Correction and Neutral Density.

12"x12" Gel Sheets fit most lights from Arri, Mole-Richardson, Lowel, K5600 Joker, Dedolight and more...

Gel Pack Includes:

2 200 Double CTB Blue
2 201 Full CTB Blue
2 202 Half CTB Blue
2 203 1/4 CTB
2 204 Full CTO Orange
2 205 Half CTO Orange
2 206 1/4 CTO Orange
2 216 Full White Diffusion
2 250 Half White Diffusion
2 251 1/4 White Diffusion
2 210 .6 Neutral Density (-2 fstops)
1 106 Primary Red
1 126 Mauve
1 181 Congo Blue
1 738 Jas Green
1 187 Cosmetic Rouge
1 188 Cosmetic Hilite
1 791 Moroccan Frost
1 785 Soft Amber Key2
1 720 Blue Durham Frost
1 244 Plus Green
1 245 1/2 Plus Green
1 219 Fluorescent Green
1 270 Lee Scrim

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Manfrotto stand & autopole system for your lighting needs.The ultimate adjustable lighting pole system can be used to create a background support, structure a lighting grid, substitute a stand for a smaller footprint or any of hundreds of other uses.


The Award-winning 4ft 4Bank portable lighting systems have changed the way professionals light everything from feature films to television productions to video and still photography.

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[h=1][/h]Innovative LED array
For the Pilot light an LED array is used, which delivers an equivalent light output of approx. 100 watts.

Whether you need to hire a set of 800w redheads, a 3 way dedo light kit equipment rental, Kino flo or Arri lighting equipment rental here, we can supply the kit you need.


[h=1]Dedolight DLH4 Tungsten Light Head[/h]
Rental price
(First day rental rate)
The fourth generation DLH4 light head is the single, best selling professional, precision light source in the world. This new generation incorporates the award winning Aspherics² lens combination and zoom focus.

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