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Which lens for AF102? Check out our new! Fast wide angle prime lens :):)


[h=1]Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT[/h]
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The Speedlite 600EX-RT is a high-performance TTL flash unit designed to meet the expanding creative needs of modern professionals. Integrated radio frequency triggering, in addition to standard infra-red wireless flash control, allows photographers to achieve exciting results with complex on-and-off-camera lighting set- ups. Using one master 600EX-RT or the new ST-E3-RT radio-frequency wireless Speedlite transmitter, up to 15x 600EX-RT flash units, positioned up to 30m away, can be remotely triggered – offering great potential to experiment with more creative lighting techniques and effects. EOS cameras with a connected Speedlite 600EX-RT can also be triggered remotely by either model, allowing photographers to explore more extreme shooting angles to produce surprising and inspiring creative results.

Hello everybody! Just a note that Camera Rental Centre - Singapore will be open from 1130am - 3pm for 1st May 2012 due to the public holiday! Returns will be from 1130am - 130pm and collections will be from 130pm - 3pm. Thank you & A lovely May Day to All

Hi folks, just a heads up that we will be open from 1130am - 3pm tomorrow, 5 May 2012 due to Vesak Day

holiday. Collections for tomorrow will be from 1130am - 130pm and return will be from 130pm - 3pm. may

we take this opportunity to wish all our Buddhist friends a Happy Vesak Day

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This Avenger A2033LKIT Century Grip Arm Kit is constructed of painted chrome plated steel.

This grip kit includes a D500B 20" extension arm and D200B 2.5" grip head which work together to act as a boom or gobo holder.

I need a light set up for product/ food photography. I also need backdrops to place the products. What can you suggest? I prefer continuous light to trigger flash. Please let me know if you rent out such accessories like backdrops, reflectors, stands..etc also. Can I hire a lighting assistant. If yes, how much will he/she charge?
Could you recommend a good food stylist who I can contact?