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  • i think the view finder is fine in size

    the mod is a permanent thing for IR..... once mod u cannot shoot 'normal' colors with it..... essentially you sacrifice the camera for a particular type (IR) of photography
    Hi, I was thinking of getting the a200 or a350. Is the viewfinder small?smaller than other slr?
    Wats tis modified thingy? would it affect std filters? tq
    HELP ! can i post this ? ? ? ? ?

    THREAD TITLE ? - Need advice......!

    Welcome to Clubsnap !

    "Dear tungtong,

    You have received a reminder at ClubSNAP Photography Forums.

    Guideline Violation - Reminder

    Please consolidate all your threads of the same model and same shoot into 1 thread instead of multiple threads.

    Also, please use meaningful thread titles instead of the current style of writing.

    Please take note, offending threads after warning served will automatically be deleted without warning.

    This serves as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.

    Thank you,
    ClubSNAP Photography Forums"

    ........I am not familiar with the use of the meaningful thread title

    MY current style of writing,is ALL about concept/Creativity behind that title & photos,
    "IS more than just meaningful thread title ! "

    What do you say?

    ps...all threads started by tungtong

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