And the winner of the 30,000th post contest is....

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Jan 17, 2002

Congratulations {bbusername}!! We'll contact you soon! ;)

i guess this should be the 30000th post??

i was calculating the number of post since Clubsnap was launch...never know it was 30000 when i click the submit button...


anyway, IF this is not an April Fool's joke.......i would like to donate the prize to clubsnap for their server fee....i am really impressed with your server speed...although the amount is not much....but it is just my appreaciation for all your sorry that i didn't contribute much lately.....

Congratulations {bbusername} must buy all of us makan hor ;p :)

Man, that {bbusername} sure is taking this hard. You'd think that {bbusername} would catch on... but I guess it ain't gonna happen.

Originally posted by Edmund

Congratulations fastwatch!! We'll contact you soon! ;)

eh...what is this all about?:what:

Hey {bbusername} you better reply to this thread and say I'M-THE-WINNER. ONLY {bbusername} Should reply NO ONE ELSE!!!

scratching my head ,,,,,,,,i know its april fools day...make me blur blur

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