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Jan 17, 2002
Windows XP's built-in image browser is really fantastic. It has (almost) completely replaced Irfanview for me. The thumbnails are stored in a database, so once you have generated them, they load almost instantly. You can change filenames and directory names, choose a picture to edit, view slideshows or filmstrip style. Best of all, once you've rotated an image, it remains in that orientation the next time you view it! That has to be the best feature - saves a lot of neckache.

Hmmm, did not know about that.

However, I just tested rotating an image in Win XP explorer.

The image was actually rotated when I opened it up in Photoshop, so it's not just the database.

However, the EXIF data is still intact, because I could read it using Irfanview. The embedded thumbnail is also probably still present, because it took the same amount of time to open the file compared to the non-rotated ones.

In any case, I hardly refer to the EXIF data, and most of the time when I'm through with it, the picture is completely mangled anyway.

As for formatting the CF card, I always do that with my camera anyway.

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