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Sep 11, 2003
Welcome to The Artsy Lens thread. Hope you will find the photography service you need.
The Artsy Lens brings you the memories you will love to see, to reminisce and for generations to enjoy.
The photographer aims to capture your finest, happiest, full of emotions moments on your big day,
or the funniest faces your baby makes, or the style of look that you would want to show at LinkedIn.

Besides that, The Artsy Lens has a mobile studio which satisfy all kinds of photography from
baby portraits to small family pics at the comfort of your own home.
Or even capture your headshots at the comfort of your own office.

The Artsy Lens is happy to work together with Entrepreneurs, businesses for your photography needs.
Eg. Event planners, Fashion Entrepreneurs, Food businesses etc

Feel free to browse through the works at the home website :
Or jump straight to the client albums at

Follow The Artsy Lens at

Contact Edwin @ 9689 5850 for you photography needs @ attractive prices!

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