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    Japan with my wife

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    She is a mess of gorgeous chaos, You can see it in her eyes. She is one such model that every photographer would love to work with.
  3. Garden Lady.jpg

    Garden Lady.jpg

  4. Battle between Light and Shadow

    Battle between Light and Shadow

    Natural light with silver reflector
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    *Photography Services*Weddings*Products*Portraits*Events

    RASHID.SG Hi, My name is Rashid and I am a Photographer. I take pictures to document Weddings, Maternity and other Life Events. The photos I take focuses on the family and friends to tell a good story. I know how important these images are and I hope to present them to you within 2 weeks from...
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    The Artsy Lens Photography - Events - Corporate - Businesses

    Welcome to The Artsy Lens thread. Hope you will find the photography service you need. The Artsy Lens brings you the memories you will love to see, to reminisce and for generations to enjoy. The photographer aims to capture your finest, happiest, full of emotions moments on your big day, or the...
  7. joel9978

    WTS: [BNIB] OLYMPUS 45MM F1.8 / 14-42MM F3.5 - 5.6 EZ / LEATHER HAND STRAP

    Brand New in Box (Got it during recent ITSHOW in March 2018) BLACK Color 12 + 3 months local warranty by Olympus SG if register online by 16 April 2018. Original Warranty card & Photocopy receipt will be given to Buyer. OLYMPUS 45MM F1.8 : $298 OLYMPUS 14-42MM F3.5 - 5.6 EZ : $198 OLYMPUS...