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    Please help me with my photoshoots and video shoots. Thanks!

    Dear Freelance Videographers and Photographers, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to inform you of several exciting projects that I currently have in hand, spanning a variety of themes and occasions. These are examples of some scenarios: Graduation shoots Corporate...
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    Photography and Videography Equipment Rental Service SINGAPORE

    Hi there, we are OCTOPUS REELS, a small rental house in Singapore, we provide equipment such as Lights, Cameras, Lenses, and other various other production equipment to help you create your best works at an AFFORDABLE RATE. Do check out our Carousell page linked below for more information on...
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    Japan with my wife

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    Camera for sunrise video

    Hello! Beginner here and I'm looking to purchase my first camera for both video & photo documenting. One of the upcoming film scenes I really want to capture is a sunrise on Mount Batur, and of course there are moving subjects that I'd like to also focus on. My current findings led me to hover...
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    Professional Photo Editing, Photoshop + Lightroom

    Hi, Thank you for visiting my thread I do professional photo editing using latest Adobe CC softwares Mass photo editing: $50/200images (Basic color correction and exposure) Photoshop: $5/face (for clean up and touch up) $2/image (basic touch up, min 5 images) Do pm me or Whatsapp me at...
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    Photography / Videography Services

    Website: Phone: 8498 1090 We do photography and videography for: Events: - Baby showers - Birthday parties - Graduation - Cooperate events - School events - Family Others: - Food - Products - Real Estates / Interior - Portraits ——————————— To engage us, simply drop us a...
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    The Artsy Lens Photography - Events - Corporate - Businesses

    Welcome to The Artsy Lens thread. Hope you will find the photography service you need. The Artsy Lens brings you the memories you will love to see, to reminisce and for generations to enjoy. The photographer aims to capture your finest, happiest, full of emotions moments on your big day, or the...