Stop Thinking!

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Jan 16, 2002
A very good article about what happens when we get too caught up with aperture, shutter, exp. comp., film speed, etc. etc.

The Moral of the Story :- Stop Thinking and Start Shooting! "Stop Thinking!" Article

Well, I start shooting but most pix didn't turn out well. Look like I need to go back to basic.....Shoot some more!!! :bsmilie:

Personally, I think that people should think and reflect more before pressing the shutter. Not on technical things which any camera does automatically for you but about the subject matter and composition.

Like I mentioned in my draft pre-beta FAQ, thinking about the shot has the following advantage:

when you review the shots, you see shots that are good, shots that are bad. Because you thought through each shot, you can remember the thinking that went behind each shot and adjust your photographic 'thinking' in the future.

Just imagine Ansel Adams and his massive, slow to operate, slow to reload cameras. Doubt that he shot first without thinking.

of course, you can always take a few 'insurance' shots first before settling down to really take photographs.

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