software to upload pic on palm m505

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Jan 17, 2002
can anyone recommend any software that i can use to upload pic to palm m505?
preferbly FREE software! heeee

You can try > Splash Photo 2.7

Supports Palm SD/MMC external memory cards

Supports Sony Clie Memory Stick cards

Simple, intuitive interface

Stunning image quality

Supports 16-bit color, 8-bit color & 4-bit grayscale

Thumbnail image browser

View images in a Slide Show

Annotate and Categorize Images

Beam images to others

Desktop image editor lets you crop, rotate and enhance images prior to uploading to Palm

Thanks guys!..
had album to go installed.. works great!... actually has fireviewer,.. but dont seem to be able to load pic on it.. haha..:p

Originally posted by lefei

i think not...
moreover it is quite a big file size

no meh? I've been using it for free, no reminders, no restrictions, and it's not warez! :D

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