Share with us the last movie that you watched and rate it!


This is a rewatch from a blu-ray copy I got off amazon recently.
Audio was bliss. I did not have a proper subwoofer, but the bass was already well effected from my speakers. Picture quality was so so for blu-ray, the excessive grain could be as an intended effect for atmosphere, since the whole movie was rather strongly contrasted and sepia-ed. Story over-glorified with cheesy dialogues, probably like the way the comic would have wanted ( i never read the comic version before )

Great entertainment. Alot of well chiseled men, alot of thrusting action.. ( dot dot dot )

With a proper subwoofer I might be able to invite the police over my place for a drink.

8/10 for entertainment
story .. erh. nvm


Reservoir Dogs

Bought a copy off amazon, the story was a rewatch for me since some yrs back. Still as effective and powerful.
Rather than over-glorifying the gore and pain, one sees a set of intense characters driven story beneath to try to make heads and tails of a failed robbery. No fancy audio fireworks. The old school style choreography of a self indulging and almost neurotic Mr Blond waltzing on his favorite tune while making heads to get kerosene was simple, badass, and you probably not see anymore on modern films.

8/10. Will rewatch some time next time.

The Secret World of Arrietty

Another work of Hayao Miyazaki ( I was a follower of many of previous Studio Ghibli work ). Visually charming and artistic , the music score was beautiful (* quite a break from the usual Pixar animation ). An intricate interaction and struggle between the little people and the humans, the story centers around Arrietty and a boy named Sho. But alas there was no happy reconciliation between the 2 worlds. Did not feel the story to be as engaging and captivating like more prominent works such as Spirited Away.

I would rank this movie to be similar to others like The Cat Returns / Ponyo / Howl's moving castle,
but Spirited Away/ The Grave Of Fireflies / Princess Mononoke tops them all.


Dark City

Watched it over one of the nights, this must be one of the more original darker sci-fi movies that unfortunately failed to make the mark in the box office when it was first launched. Twisted and dark in every sense, while its cinematography pales compared to the CGI magic of Matrix, it rides on a good and somewhat bizarre script for people who appreciates some intelligence in a show.

The Blu-ray transfer was great. The audio score in DTS-HD MA was a treat and effectively up-played all the suspense a notch higher.


Watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol last, it was good movie. The action sequences are where the film really shines not all scenes were great.

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Rewatched - TRON Legacy on Blu-ray
5x! ( was demo-ing HT with different group of friends during the new year period )

My assessment of the storyline still stands as per previous, but I realized quickly this release has one of the best audio experience amongst all my other blu-rays. The DTS Master was almost constantly engaging and firing up the rear speakers, keeping home viewers enveloped within. LFE channel was clean and energizing. Daft Punk had a home-run score that keeps getting stuck in my head. Reference level audio experience

Recommend : Buy!

In Time

Time as the commodity of trade - thumbs up for the concept , radical and refreshing, along the all too familiar *The rich gets richer / live longer, the poor runs out of time in the ghetto*

Unfortunately such an invigorating idea was not well supported by the poor script. The overall execution was way too draggy and lost the sense of urgency - everyone seemed to have too much time at hand. My wife lost interest in the later half of the show, and had she been in charge of the remote she might have switched it off!

The only bit of palpable suspense was when Olivia Wilde timed out herself.
( But then again .. she is Olivia Wilde :p )



An unconventional tale of vampires and yet not exactly about vampirism, a Samaritan act of sacrifice for research turned wayward into a curse that shakes and challenges the roots of a priest Sang-Hyeon ( played by one of my favourite Korean actor Song Kang-Ho ).

If you enjoyed previous works of Park Chan-wook, you would want to follow up. In comparison, Thirst is not as tightly weaved and impactful as Oldboy, and even a little too slow for comfort at several instances. However it managed to attain an incline of raw sensitivity and deep character development that the vampiric Twilights and Underworlds failed to go near.

The snipping of carotids with short scissors was comically repelling.

7.5/10. Might have scored higher if not because I have seen Park's previous masterpieces.