Share with us the last movie that you watched and rate it!

Last movie watched was '127 Hours'.

I have to say it's a really good movie. Nonetheless, I have to warn that it is definitely not for those who gets impatient too easily. Basically, a huge chunk of the movie is about the process when his hand got stuck by a stone. Only one scene. The cinematography is excellent. And so is the musical score.

I give it an 8 out of 10. ;)

movie title : Noise
rate : 8/10
Tim Robbins my all time favorite , love his acting since the shawshank

Once upon a time in Mumbai

I rarely watch Hindi movies. The only acting worth mentioning was Ajay Devgan. I find the story was little too dragging and a much too predictable ( heck i actually guessed rightly how it was going to end ) . Dialogue was great at several instances, but also in many instances cliched to the point of cringe.

I did not catch it on the big screen. Kinda glad in a way

6 / 10

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Last movie watched was '127 Hours'.

I have to say it's a really good movie. Nonetheless, I have to warn that it is definitely not for those who gets impatient too easily. Basically, a huge chunk of the movie is about the process when his hand got stuck by a stone. Only one scene. The cinematography is excellent. And so is the musical score.

I give it an 8 out of 10. ;)

Great story of survival, a remake of a real incident that happened to a climber Aron Ralston. Just like trainspotting, Danny Boyle got it right again.
Neat fitting soundtrack, split screen flash backs and mindboggling hallucinations are pretty effective. His junkie lifestyle to the ordeal which made him appreciate life at a higher level.

BUT : View it in the right perspective. There is nothing to emulate. HE IS NO SUPERHERO. DO NOT engage yourself in dangerous activities with a heck care attitude ..

Book by Aron: Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

8/10 as well


One would expect much compromises whenever someone attempts a film adaptation. And while there were snips cut here and there, it did an admirable job in following the original series.

I expected nothing less from the movie in terms of glorified gore and slaughter, since the anime ( esp ) set the bar in standards.
( Thinking back, actually there was much less nudity and bleed )

Unfortunately, if you did not savvy the previous Gantz Manga / Anime, the film might not make too much logic ( There wasn't much logic either from the original series, but I figure if you followed them in all loyalty, the idea of being illogical probably was not too disturbing )

Missed : the dog

7.5 / 10

The Green Hornet

Rented the DVD to watch. Predictable, humor was not humorous, minimal semblance of a storyline.
Chris Waltz's talents gone wasted.
Pinmched because I paid to watch it.

Recommend : Wait until TCS shows it on TV. Even if it takes years, you are not missing anything.


I Am Number Four.

After all the big posters on the bus stops and everywhere, I just have to try catching it.
Interesting move, nice CGI ( silly looking monsters ), but not an amazing plot. I was told that I might be more disappointed if I have read the paperback before. Maybe I am too old for such movies. I would expect more sequels/prequels.

Bottom line : Definitely not a number one.


Shawshank Redemption

Watched it for the third time yesterday ( new TV, friend lends me his blu-ray copy )
Amazingly, my love for the film, and the level of enjoyment never waned or waiver all the time. Delicate handling into each scene and great acting by Freeman and Robbins, wonderful story of friendship and redemption.

Every movie lover should watch this timeless work. I love Greenmile, but doesn't come close.

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies"



If you want to find inner peace and inspiration. Immeasurably beautiful cinematography, every random snapshot of the film is easily a top rated photo.
Very often, when I see a movie, I have an uncanny knack to look to see how a scene can be captured photography, and I find Baraka to be simply the most picture perfect one that I come across. I had some reservations about a potential bore when my friend lent me his copy, but the music and the interchanging scenes and themes breathed into me a life beyond most of your most action packed movies. I was glued. I was mesmerized by the flow, the contrasts, the peace, and the complexity behind the simplicity.

Recommend to watch with all lights switched off. Let the sound and visuals envelope you, and then you open your mind.

Best quotes : None. There are no dialogues in the entire movie.

9.8 / 10

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt.2 = 8/10
Last of the HP installment. It was good. Not as good as The Order of the Phoenix, though.

Captain America = 4/10 (Boo!)
Even the chick didn't save the movie.. Normally it would, like The Green Lantern. I rated it 5/10, but because Blake Lively is so nice to stare at I'm now giving it 7/10.;)


Watched this korean cult classic last evening with my wife. Was the second time watching. Bought a two disc extra edition blu-ray off amazon ( for much less than what would usually sell here ) The director's cut version seemed to be a little more graphical than what I watched some time ago , but i could be wrong.

Sublime in the midst of brutality, the story tells of a businessman Oh De-su who was imprisoned for 15 yrs in a private cell by an unknown stranger, with his quest to seek the truth the next 5 days, not knowing that he was following a path of no return .. Director Chan-wook Park the auteur amazes with what I would think as the best of the Vengeance Trilogy ( I have seen the two other Sympathies before ). Actor Choi Min-sik was angry, and emotive, and most disturbed by his last enigmatic smile. "Even though I'm no more than a monster - don't I, too, have the right to live? " Did he have the right to live after all ?

Beautiful haunting original sound track. I hear they are going to remake a "tamer" version of Oldboy in hollywood ( oh well )

Would like to catch : Thirst.


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I ordered Jet Li's fist of Legend on ebay. Won the bid! Once it was shipped in, I didn't waste any time. I'm a kung fu buff la i guess. ahah. I might be biased with kung fu films though;P...

Basically, if i were to break it down like a film analyst, I'd say the story was set in the world war 2 background. It shows the hate between the chinese and the Japs. But behind the animosity of the war between two nations, it also displays both countries in a fair light as both martial arts(chinese martial arts and karate) are essentially the same; a spiritual journey not steeped in the common notion that the aim is to inflict damage. In fact, Jet Li mixes in a couple of fight styles in the need to 'adapt', one of them, not mistakenly is western boxing. The respect and tribute behind all these great fighting styles are displayed here. It doesn't stay limited to a specific fighting style that 'beats all the other fighting styles' which are so common in martial arts movies.

If you read between the lines of this film, you'll notice the nobility and the direction of the movie in being played towards the values of honor, respect not 'pow and bam!' which are so common nowadays.

9 for viewers
8 for film critics

American History X

Powerful film that touches a sensitive subject matter of racial discrimination, and great acting by Ed Norton for his almost perfect portrayal of Derek. I am a big Norton fan, so I might be skewed.

In summary, X marks the spot.
8/10 for me

Meanwhile : Trying to get a nice bid for Hotel Rwanda / City of God / Tropa de Elite 2 on BR. BR movies are uncannily expensive locally..

Followings are some movies I've watched recently and I find them excellent:

1) The next 3 days: great action, breathing taking and awesome plot. The story is about a couple trying to escape from prison. I was excited to see what happen next for the whole movie. 8/10

2) The fast five: aka better version of need for speed. Ridiculously unreal actions, mind blowing nevertheless. Great for car lovers. Simple plot, has some twists but somehow predictable. 7/10

3) 9: very interesting animation. The story takes places in "future" where human is being destroyed and replaced by machines. The story is out of box but somehow too simple. That is compensated by amazing visual effects. 8/10

Fifth Element.

Bought a copy of Blu-ray off ebay that was bundled with Gattaca. Still as stylish as ever after all these years. But the digital animation did show signs of being outdated compared to the recent gizmo effects. I thought Chris Tucker's role was a little off key comedy that looked a little out of synch. Otherwise good mix of sci fi with suspense, and Diva's performance was divine. Fantastic acting by Gary Oldman

Another great crowd pleaser by Luc Besson, I would rewatch again.


Rise of the planet of the apes movie last watched by me, it is good movie about the apes who is prisoned for the experiment.

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Caught it on Blu-ray with wifey. Did not enjoy the story as much as Cars 1. For one I thought McQueen would be the center stage, rather than the irritating Mater. Personal preference. But for a Pixar animation, I thought the audio was fantasti-licious, and I especially enjoyed the Grand Prix racing. The boats that landed on the water at the oil rig scene had some serious bass.



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Let the bullets fly.

Really lousy story. Producer got big name actor Chow Y F. He can act but the director don't know how to direct him and the film got lousy script.

China movies going through a stage where they depend on big names, special effects, explosions. They got big budget but story is limp.