Share with us the last movie that you watched and rate it!


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Feb 11, 2007
Do tell us the recent movies/dramas that you watched. Pen a few words of descript on various aspects of the movie / story / cinematography / moments that spurred u to love or hate it, and rate it on ur personal scale !

Personally, the last movie i watched was a french movie called Delicatessen.
Dark comedy in unfashionably hungry times. Morbidly horrifying but yet comical, each tiny character intertwines the fate of one another, and plays a part in the entire complex tapestry.

I loved Amelie, and I wanted to see how french cannibalism just might turn out :p Not a normal movie to stomach.

Favourite moment : The symphony of the squeaking spring bed

I give it 8/10


The last movie i caught was terry gilliam's The imaginarium of doctor parnassus.

The start was slightly shakey, and seemed like it would descend into a pastiche of 80s cliches. But it really blossoms after a while and draws the viewer into an amazingly whimsical yet coherent world of innocence vs maturity.


sherlock holmes

let down, mostly because i expected a lot more from the cast.

abrupt ending just reeked of "oh hey, let's reek in the dollars from the sequel"


Watched Moon recently.

Small budget little visual gizmos but big riveting beautiful theme. If u hate sci-fi star wars / star trekky stuffs / intergalactic pandora wars / aliens, well this is certainly nothing of the those sorts. it is plain sci fi with no warp / wormholes etc. Dunan showed me that a single monotoned robot with just one human character in this movie can accomplished what many other major expensive casted film failed to grapple with.

Crazy things solitude can do to oneself, but of course things do have to go wrong.

I suspect :
1) the most expensive costing in this film is Kevin Spacey lending his voice as Getty
2) too cheap production so did not enter nominations

i give it 8.5/10


Hurt Locker

Lots of blistering kinetic energy since the first second, lots of suspense, an action thriller in the middle east, with a gung ho small 3 men EOD. It was interesting to watch them multitask the entire show - They clear buildings, they do small missions other than doing what they do best, quarrelling and disrespect within ranks, a dude with serious attitude issues ( important ingredient ) and even swell at snipering actions in the EOD squad. U get a well rounded package in the entire movie really, and not as disbelievable as Rambo. ( ok I was half sarcastic ) The brits probably ain't going to be too happy - brits taken down by insurgent snipers which were promptly cleared by bomb disposal unit who turned out to be better snipers.

From my ignorant layperson point of view, seriously, why are the EODs disarming bombs when the bombs were created to kill them in the first place ? ( and why the heck the iraqis who placed the bombs in the first place not trigger the bombs and let the americans take their time to disarm them ) I thought the EODs just blow up bombs with bombs.

I think I think too much. We should multitask and up our productivity.

Most heart warming moment : apologising to the poor bomb strapped iraqi that his bomb could not be dismantled in time.

I give a generous 7/10 for entertainment

Watched Moon recently.

i give it 8.5/10


ryan, i watched this one too.

for something i had never heard of, i was pleasantly surprised. one of the better movies i've watched recently. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Goodbye Solo directed by Ramin Bahrani.

1 hour 30 minutes worth of chit chatting though it had me engaged and left me pondering emotionally for a much longer period of time after it ended. Excellent cinematography by Ramin Bahrani and accompanied by superb acting performace from Souleymane Sy Savane and Red West.

It's been a while since a film had affected me so emotionally, 9/10.

I liked The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I preferred The Pirate over The Joker though. Between the two I preferred the Pirate. Neither Alfie nor the SWAT leader came close.

If nothing else, just watch this for the last performance by The Joker.

Eight chillis out of ten

I like Shine, good acting, love it for the 'heavy-drama' feel

8 out of 10

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Tokyo Sonata

A film with lots of issues admist a downturn with downsizing affecting the pride of family men. Enjoyable longitudinal representation of Jap culture with character development. Retrenched father trying to keep up the traditional pride of Jap men by acting up a pretentious but failing authorative front, a son who breaks free of his torturing classes with a muscial escapade (very pretty piano teacher btw ;) ),an older son without much of a sense of direction, woken up from his dream after killing men on a field during conscription, and the mother who desperately tried to glue everyone together, but inevitably shattered with the most dramatic escape.

Japs have lots of experience in their fair share of recession for eons, and Kiyoshi Kurosawa makes best in his artistic screen representation.

Didn't have to much of a lasting impression after watching.

I give 7.7/10. does not feel quite like an 8

Valentines day. :thumbsup:
the ending's awesome. ;)

Fantastic Mr. Fox directed by Wes Anderson and starring George Clooney and Meryl Streep as Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox.

Ahh, the magical charm of stop-motion animation bringing to life my childhood story from Roald Dahl. Definitely a strong contester for Best Animated Feature against the heavy weight champion, Pixar Animation Studios with its nominated animation "Up" in the coming 82nd Academy Awards. :)

Overall, a truly fantastic film with a couple of insignificant minor flaws if you choose to nitpick about it and I rate it 7.5/10.


As a trivial, the film was shot with a variety of Canon and Nikon DSLRs at full resolution totalling 621,450 frames at 12 FPS. ;)

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the last movies i've watch are

percy jackson and the lightning thief
i would give it a 5/10 , a mere pass
graphics wise, the special effects are realistic
but what killed it is its horrendous child-like plot
i was expecting more Greek mythology but all i get are childish cutoff scenes
the logic of the story also doesn't flow and left a lot of questions unanswered
a kid below 12 will definitely like it, but if you're seeking Greek Mythology and looking for a movie with a "WOW" factor, this is clearly not it

Big little soldier
this movie made me laughed but it's not exactly a comedy
the interactions between the general and the soldier escapee was fun to watch and at the same time realistic
most characters in the movie have a well explained and realistic storyline and i like how the movie made me reflect on war, and peace times.
Fight scenes are interestingly choreographed
and Wang Lee Hong brought out the majesty and brilliance of a young general with his sharp and good looking facial features


Thank you for Smoking was by a long shot the best movie by Jason Reitman. And that compelled me to watch Juno, which unfortunately was an oddball, and a long shot to the other end. While the bottom line is teenage pregnancy really s**k, u have a 16 y/o overly too smart girl who initiates sex and accidentally gets herself pregnant, with somewhat really supportive parents, bumbles her life along with unnecessary "wise" quotes. A movie who attempts to be quirky and cool, but trots it superficially. Seriously, I think pregnancy at age 16y/o is no joke. I suppose the better parts would be the story of the adoptive parents.

"it all started with a chair" - Failed artsy fartsy.

"When I see them all running like that, with their things bouncing around in their shorts, I always picture them naked, even if I don't want to. All i see is pork swords." Oh comon Juno ...


The boy in the striped pyjamas.

I just watched it.
Seriously goo, I swear on it.


The Invention of Lying.

Watched it on QANTAS inflight entertainment. I fairly enjoyed the movie on the whole. but will not rewatch it. Good style of humor, but not to the point of being overly slapstick. I thought the title itself would translate to some higher concepts, but the story left me a little lacking, some clever bits that failed to materialise in the story. This is despite the bits of humor here and there. I loved Jennifer Garner's role as Gervais. Clichéd romance ending.

I give it 6.9/10 for a non-theatre viewing entertainment on a boring afternoon flight. Rental written all over the movie.


The boy in the striped pyjamas.

I just watched it.
Seriously goo, I swear on it.


It is both a disturbing and great movie, and all the while conveying succintly and elegantly the horrors of the holocaust. Thoroughly enjoyed it myself, left me thinking after the ending credits, speechless.



Alice In Wonderland (3D)

it is a slightly above average movie only if you understand and get the amount of literature the show has. (my friend who didn't get the literature accuse it of being a sucky movie)
the costumes are interesting and i like how spastic the red queen carry herself

Verdict 8/10

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This should probably be in the movies I've watched more than 3 times, but it is the last "movie" I watched over cable. And still loving it.

21. And it's not just because of Kate Bosworth.

Not sure how to describe it, coz there's so many elements in the movie. Maybe it's about people. Or people dealing with people.


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La vita e bella / Life is Beautiful

I cannot think of anyone else who made a story of love, courage and comedy in the midst of the Holocaust. Do not look at the story from the POV of Schindler's List and u will fall in love with it. It is certainly a film that is not about documenting history, it is going past the hostility with humor and the self sacrifice that parents do and shield their child from the realities.

Top grades for balancing the delicate pathos and comedy aspects.