Repairing err20


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Jun 19, 2024
I borrowed a friend's 7D Mark ii and after a couple days of shooting, there's the err20 issue that kept popping up.
I googled and there's no easy fix to it. Anyone knows if that's impossible to fix on my own?
If I bring to canon or a third party to fix it, would it cost a lot?
A total newbie in photography so would appreciate any help!! Thanks in advance!

If you have tried what the camera suggested, ie. turning on and off or taking out battery and reinserting it to turn on and it still does not solve the problem then it's best to send it to canon for repair. That's on condition it still have spare parts which in this case a complete replacement of shutter mechanism which is mostly likely what they would do or just the shutter blades which most likely are damaged or deformed preventing shutter from opening and closing smoothly or it could be an electrical fault. Service center will give an estimated quote of the repair and you can decide to repair or not. A used 7d MK2 on carousell is about $600 plus. But I am not optimistic as this model is discontinued as mirrorless cameras are the trend or norm.

For more understanding of what needs to be done which is beyond your capabilities, here is a video of replacing shutter blades. As you can see it is not easy with tiny parts.