Opinions on tripods ..

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Mar 15, 2002
I post here few pictures of my tripod , i had read some people posts about the tripods , their quality , and also something about secure tripods than others ..

My tripods can go up to 1,35 meters ( 4.42 foot) , looks very stable and there is no any problems of pulses because of the IS humming effect on the C2100 ..

The question is : what is your opinion about this tripod , and by your knowledge, will you say that there is a separation of tripods , for in door use and out door use ?



Is Greece windy? If so, that tripod is probably not stable enough in windy conditions.... other than that, there shouldn't be a problem.

It looks okay for light duty use but I'd not use it in rough weather as it's probably too lightweight for more than a moderate breeze, let alone a howling gale.

I see , so wind is the primary enemy of the light weight tripods ...
And my tripod is high quality and stable , but also light weight ..
I got this tripod of my father ,he had got this before 20 years , even the Japanese company that make it is not alive any more ..
The brand and model is Topman JR4 ..

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