Olympus Rapid charger

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Feb 23, 2002

Recently, i have heard alot about the Timer vs Intelligent issue about NimH charger.

I wonder if our olympus rapid charger is an intelligent charger?
If it is intelligent, then how come it has only one LED?

If it is not intelligent, then it must be awefully expensive. Shame on olympus for pricing themselves so high.

That is an intelligent one. How many LED isn't important. (Anyway, the red LED on when charging, off when completed.)

A very simple way to prove this: full charge a set of battery, take them out, wait for a while, charge them again. The charger should go off after a few minutes.

And also it can charge any number of battery from 1 to 4. Good if you have other devices that use odd number of NiMH.

I know it's expensive but what is the selling price?? Mine is bundled with the digicam. AP told me it's S$120 but I knew it's exaggerate. The price of all free gifts are usually over-stated to make you feel it's worth it.

With one LED, then how do i know which battery is full when the light is off?? I used to charge 2 different set. 02 batt from my camera and 02 from my MP3 player.

In this case, you have to better charge one set (2) at a time. But the charging time will be half if you charge only 2. So the total time you charge 4 is still the same.

Is there any charger that will individually full charge 4 batteries at different time?? Usually it stops charging all at once mah.

But the way, do you know the selling price of Olympus charger?

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