Need help on: Frame your photo at Shop or DIY

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May 19, 2004
Hi All,
I am looking around Singapore and find there are about 30+ framming shops around, I have only checked with one shop so far, but it give me an idea that frame a photo is quite expensive, e.g. If I frame a 12"x18", cost from Sing$ 70 to 100+, depends on the frame and glass.

1. How you frame your "great" photos after enlarge it?
2. Which shop is good?
3. Anyone DIY it, and I would like to know where can I buy those material, such as MAT and MAT BOARD, also are they must be "acid-free", where can I buy it?

Many of questions, and really want to learn more ;)

Thanks for your attention :)

The idea's "frame" is okay, but I think it comes with acide type of mat/board.
The problem is the non "acid-free" paper (mat and mat board), in most case, the paper is acide type because it is easier to put the color on it that I was learnt from my friend who run a publishing company. So most of the papers we use are acide type, as time goes by, the paper will trun "yellow" and it is damage the photo as well. I am trying very hard to learn more as I find taking picture is good, but how to present the master priece is more important, I took not many pictures but I am sorry that I did not keep them well :sweat: , even they are not really mater priece, but if I hang my own work in my house, I can happy to tell the story behind :bigeyes: ... the challenges, the constraint, the funs and the enjoyment :bsmilie:

By the way, thanks for your suggestion.


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