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A new member here. Got a Casio QV2900UX two days ago and tried a few virgin shots. Please take a look at . Some of the pictures may not show on the main page but if you were to click on the link, you should see my virgin shots. All the shots were taken auto.
One question for Casio QV2900 users, how to set the aperture as some of the shots need a smaller aperture for greater depth of field.
Thx :)

Originally posted by tangcy
How much did you pay for it? Nice macro shots u have there.

Alan Photo quote $700, plus UV filter, 128Mb CF, Sanyo quickcharger and a camera bag is $890. They gave about $20 to $30 discount for the accessories.

press the first key (shift) and the second key to cycle between the various shooting modes. You can select your Aperture under "A" mode. But there are only 3 (3.2, 4.8 amd 8) to choose from.

btw, there is a full manual in the CD-Rom.

your price seems a bit high.

camera plus UV filter ~ $700
Sanyo charger ~ $40 (if it's the ~4 hours for 4 batteries model)
128MB CF ~ $100

You got a $50 bag?

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