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here just a photo i took when i was on a trip

this little ger somehowe make this whole event look very special. is like a contrast to what the growth up would think and the whole event is seen from the eyes of a little kid .
The above is a black and white version i convert with photoshop . i will post the color version also .


here is the color version of the photo


i crop the photo giving it abit of close up

The photo is taken in china . if i could rem it should be in kuming . with my Fm2 and a 35mm len

been a while seen i take my Fm2 out and shot anything . i miss the good old days .

feel free to comment .

I definitely like the b&w one best

Not sure if there are protesting
but if i recall , i don't think so
cos i rem people laughing and chatting .
maybe some kinda group outing china style whhahaaaahhaahahhaha a

Is for some kinda local work group

an interesting picture i must say. Can be improved with slightly tighter composition, the black and white version looks more appealing, so does the cropped version. Again i was drawn by the girls expression, without which, this would have not been special.

Lucifier, if you can, may I suggest a zoom lens? its great for travel and occassions when you cannot get any closer and the action is always changing. Saves you trouble of changing lenses.

good potential. Pick up your camera,wipe away the dust and buy film and a ticket and travel again!

all the photo i have taken . have that sence of emotion i put in . one good example is .. the little girl . the focus on was her . without her in that mass , it would be just another snap shot
over the years i learn not to snap away and miss alot of good shot . but by knowing whatyou wanted and took the shot is impt . cos is give you some kinda control .

i have a 100-300mm for my eos10 but i seldom use it really . back in the school days where i cover sport event and stuff i love my Auto zoom len .

as i go on . i prefer basic . so FM2 with 50mm len work fine for me . i do understand the impt of zooming onto subject. how do i put it . the contrast of photo graphy is not just color and light , is also the contrast of human being .
the contrast of feeling and emotion . is a shot that link everything you see . goo or bad . kind or evil .big or small that make me ponder .

photography is a balance .

Not open for further replies.