How to prevent flakes/ ghosts bubbles ?

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Ok this is a pic i took in a theater. Notice the ghost bubbles or flakes or wachamacallit. How prevent those things from happening?

This was taken by a Fujifil A101 1.3MP with auto flash.

any ideas or any links on this problem here?:confused:

hmmm ... dirty lens ?

nono .. the other pics i took after that was very nice.. like this one

and i made sure the lens was clean.

alot of other pictures with similar environment were like this too.:eek:

it seems that if you got a further range in the backgorund with very little light.. these things will appear in my pics.

oh well using a newbie cam anywayz.. any1 know the real reason?:rolleyes:

YES! thanks moderator guy.!!! thats good stuff there!!

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