How Often Do You Use Those Cameras?

How Often Do You Use Your Camera? (On average)

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Jan 19, 2002
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Well, now that we know what cameras, let's find out how much they get used!

:gbounce: :rbounce: :gbounce:

I am the first one to vote. :)

Hey!!! Jed!! How come don't have the category - "Many many times a day!!" (I believe you fit in there??) :bsmilie: :p ;)

Well so far, I used my SLR cam for abt once a week.....

When I was using the digital camera, I was like snapping at almost evrything, everyday..... now I just stick to shooting on weekends.

Hahaha - this poll sounds very "sexual" or "druggy" .... imagine someone asking you "How many times you use, arh?"

So once a day make you an addict, twice a week make you a "user", once a month make you a social snapper..... :D

ROFL guys! :bsmilie: :bsmilie: :bsmilie:

Sadly Edmund I don't use my cameras many times a day. I may use it a lot in one day, but I rarely use it for more than one assignment/purpose in a day.

And no, I don't even use them everyday. I've unfortunately got other things like law degrees to think about... sigh.

Originally posted by kamwai

ya ...last month was holiday...can shoot anytime anyday

How i wish i still have school holiday ;P

i use it only during my hari raya that is twice a roll at every occasion...what does that make me ????...PRO ???:p

hehe shot over 6500 shots in 3 months over the holidays :p

but now ever since school started hardly use the camera....what a waste :(

Last time used to once a day or once in two days, but now i left my camera in my home, and i live in the hostel of my school, so....
once i back then used it, but sometimes, went home, no time to used it....
somemore, the process of film and print out the photo is a big cost to me now.

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