House by the river

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CT 3833

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Sep 23, 2006
I thought the reflection of the house on the water should make an intereting picture. But the overall outcome of the picture is far from my expectation. The picture looks dull, uninteresting..

Is it because of the color tone of the overall picture, or the composition, or? What is missing and how could I do it better?

Thanks in advance.


I like the pic personally. But the overall brightness and contrast makes the pic a little dull. It brings on a sad mood when i look at it. Perhaps some minor adjustment in photoshop will make the picture better.


I think the picture is alright.
All you need is some post processing. Try to adjust the CURVES in Photoshop. this will enhance the brightnest and the shadow. Try an S-Shape Curves and see how it look.

Try going into SELECTIVE COLOURS, you can also pump up the Reds, Greens and Whites. this will greatly enhance the picture.


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