He's not coming...

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Jan 24, 2002
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Dunnoe where to post. It's a simple photo story (In a sense they are posed). A lot of pictures ah, may take long time to shoot. Using standard quality only... may have lot of jaggies. Ok Here goes.







I like the transition to black and white. Works well to convey the wearing down of emotion and onset of disappointment and disillusion.

Perhaps you can also gradually darken each progressive picture, using levels. Darker and darker until almost blacked out. Whadja think?

Also would suggest using slightly fewer pictures for a sparer storyline.

And how come she never looks at her watch? I was expecting such a picture. Too cliched, huh?

Like the darkening idea... yes yes... I'll try that when I have time...Took me the whole night to sort out the photos (There's more than those here) and arrange them to give a story. The photos are never shot with a story in mind. But well, they came out this way and I portray it this way by sorting the photos into this particular sequence.

And me no have control on the model. I just ask her to stand there... and all these expression and pose just came out. When she pose for the images at the railing. The story started flowing. And so the watch isn't available. But from her expression and letting down her hair... I personally already shows the passage of time and the agony of waiting...

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