Ganbatte Japan Thank You Reception For Volunteers- 29 April 2011

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Is at Singapore arts museum?

it was a wonderful evening indeed! got to know alot more CS members (great for a newbie member like me!) thanks admins for organising!

Thank you everyone for coming this eveing !! :)

Hope you guys liked the very generous Lenspen gift from Noritsu !

For volunteers who could not make it this evening, your letters of appreciation are with us. Will let you know soon how to pick it up

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Really appreciate the gestures shown by all involved especially CS admins/Mods. Please do count me in if there're any more future photo aids being organise to help the needy. Thanks to all ... :)

Thank you, guys - for a wonderful evening. Really appreciate it.


Thanks for organizing ganbatte japan and really appreciated the reception

I'll like to say my thanks to Clubsnap for organizing the thank you reception as well. Count me in for future photoaid events

I think a special award should go to one fellow cs member for been the most hardworking, volunteering on everyday of the drive and his enthusiasm has even moved his boss to donate. :thumbsup:

Just wondering if the photos taken during that evening will be posted up? ;p

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