Does Someone here knows who orhow to repair Digital camera?

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May 29, 2004
I',m a new guy here. I' need your help if someone knows a shop who could repair a digital camera. If you ask me why it's because a particular Camera company refuse to have my camera repaired as they said that my camera is already obsolete. The Technician told me that they no longer support that paritcular camera as the spare parts stocks are no longer available.
I find that reason crap as my camera in the market is just less than two years old.
I do believe that you have heard a lo of horrible stories with regards to camera service support. If I earlier knew that their technical support is weak I would buy it.

Anyway if you happen to know a firm repairing a digital camera just inform me. Thanks.

hmmmm he mentioned it was less den 2 yrs old... anyway what brand which model?

I believed your >2yr old DC is not a very popular brand we can find in sg right? otherwise i don't see any reason why it couldn't be fixed.
Anyway I think buy a new one more worth it.. ;)

The camera that I'm talking about is Kodak LS420. Pardon me if I'm a little cheapskate but I intend to give it to other people who can't afford to buy one.
My thinking is that it is not yet in the period of junking it.
With regards to that company's service, i really would advice other people not to patronize this kingd of establishment. I have regretted to buy that product if only I have been firm last time not to buy it.
Anyway if there's really someone who can fix it, still inform me. Thanks for the suggestions.

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