Creative Advertisement along Orchard Road

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Jan 17, 2002
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U can see that everyone tried to tear off the "warning" sticker and peek what is behind

actually what they want is to attract u to go to their website only...

I found that it is a very effective way of catch hold of pedestrain attention

I agree that it is very effective marketing there... Willy and I saw it and it caught our attention right away.. uptil now.. this Dr Ink-beer thing is still a mystery.. I noticed that they're doing a lot of advertising too..

nonetheless.. thats a good poster...



Originally posted by kamwai

the bus stop outside Orchard OG

i think lots of bus stop poster in orchard have this
no, i mean you never take a picture of it and paste it here?

Regarding this advert, heard from my friends that is some Dr who's trying to so some social experiment involving beer drinking. Think the details are on the web site. I must say the advert strategy is real creative.

My friends got to know of it when they met this group of 'inadequately' dress 'nurses' who were advertising for this thing too outside zouk.
Seems u can win some prizes by participating :)

Me? i hate beer. Prefer liqour :)

I've been to the website, and yes, apparently it's some Dr. something trying to conduct an experiment. But I have half-a-mind to think that it's a publicity gimmick as well. The whole thing might be advertisement for an upcoming beer. I mean, Dr. InkBeer, that is like so full of pun. Dunno lah, I may be wrong, but still, I'm quite interested to see what this whole thing is all about. :)

btw Wai, the censorship sign in your picture looks so real, I can almost peel it off my monitor screen....;)

Originally posted by Tweek

btw Wai, the censorship sign in your picture looks so real, I can almost peel it off my monitor screen....;)

so real?? i any how edit one...the pic actually was taken at an angle abt 45 it actually looks like trapezium

then the lighting was bad as no flash was used...that's why i have to crop away the bus stop

if u see carefully...i edit the photo until it is out of shape PS skill is bad...

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