Core Team Members?

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Jan 18, 2002
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I am just curious, some of you guys are core team members and some junior members, how can one be a core team member?

Note: I am just curious only...:)

core team members are the ppl who have spent the last couple of months discussing and planning for this site - and who have volunteered and devoted time and resources in the setup and maintenance of this site (web and forum).

we are still in the evolution stage of this baby so we look forward to more participation and feedback from members such as yourself.

Originally posted by Bangdoll
r they the moderators?

Some of the Core Team members like myself also doubled up as moderators...

I believe Darren has explained why some of us are known as Core Team members pretty clearly...

In short, not all moderators are Core Team members...hope I have clarified that ;)

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