C2040Z External Flash

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Jan 18, 2002
Hi all,

Just want to check is there any affordable decent external flash model for my C2040Z?

I understand that I don't have a hotshoe thus I have to insert a special bracket. How much will tat cost too?

I'm quite new to flash so will appreciate any advice.

Lastly, does camera accessories in Japan cheaper than in Singapore? Cos got a colleague going to Japan soon :D


He can order for you.

BTW, Blitz. I try to shoot a photo under Fluorescent setting for WB but the result turn out to be greenish. The light mounted at the ceiling is Fluorescent tube. :dunno:

the one wai is helping to get is a slave flash....in my opinion, it's better to get a flash connected by the sync cord, cos slave flash gets triggered by other people's flash too. :(

Blitz, Tweek is right, it will be trigger by other flash. It come with a PC sync cable free (like KC mentioned) but our C2040 can't use it. Oly must use the original $90 cable. I am hoping my future DC can use it loh. Spirit of Ah Q!!! :D

Hmm I'm a bit blurred liao

Tat means besides the flash and bracket, I must get a cord too?

So everything total up will be quite expensive rite? (Pianz 1 cord $90!!)

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