any recommendation?

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can recommend me a digicam abt1k$ take pics of my fishes

Are you going to only take pictures of your fish? What type of camera do you like? A point and shoot or something with more manual options. Are you going to print? How large are you going to print? There's plenty of camera below $1k, so i guess more information will be needed to make a good recommendation.

for 1k, how about u go for Canon powershot series. They produce very nice n clear pictures n cost around 1k too. ;)

Olympus C2100uz or C700!!!
Both are good if U don intend to print big photos, well worth the price.
Both cost less than $1k now

Check out my photo album if U wanna see photos taken with a C2100uz(look at Chingay photos)

Some photos arent well taken(dark faces againest a bright background), but thats my fault, not the Camera's. A little changing of the metering modes will solve it. I didnt do it at that time. All photos taken in auto mode with no changes.

c2100uz is good. You can view more info of it at olympus corner

thanks for de help
any more recom?

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