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Jan 19, 2002
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Pictures of Toyin. I've worked with her twice before for the Durham University Fashion Show, and she's since moved on to do some fashion work in London. She's hoping to compile a portfolio and that's where I come in! This is the stuff we did at her home today... a lot more work to be done though!





Which of these two do you prefer? The
second is cropped in.



Hi Jed, don't mean to teach my grandmother how to suck eggs, but this shot just does not cut it. Looks like I could have taken it.

Not sure what you were trying to achieve - high key or low key. The background is white, but the face is mostly in shadow. Would probably have worked better if the right eye was completely blacked out.

I kinda like the first two, especially the "floating shadow" effect - was that in PS or achieved with lighting?

The first one had a couple of distracting hard shiny highlights on the lower lip and eyes - was that deliberate?

The second one is probably the best. Moody, with attitude. Nice pose, no major distractions in the shot.

Not sure whether you've come across this article in Zuga:

Might be useful to you.

Great shots! Like those found in magazines.



Again, second one is cropped from the first... which do you prefer?

the one without crop looks better


Jed deserves a standing ovation for these pictures!

Hi Streetshooter,

Yes, that's the weakest from this lot. I was wanting a black background but my background stuff was in storage so we had to make do with her walls... a bit annoying really. I was going for a specific effect but I didn't have the black reflectors to pull it off... way too much reflections in the tiny room. Disagree about the eye though, losing that would have lost the left half of the picture, it was there as an anchor point.

But yes, not the best shot. But I was putting one of everything we did up, perhaps I should have edited it down.

Black reflectors are simply used to kill reflections because otherwise there will be some spillage of light from the key and background lights which would boune off walls etc to throw light into the areas you don't want.

Either that or have a very large studio to work in, neither of which I had yesterday!

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