40D error 99 help!!!

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Nov 7, 2007

I got error 99 on my 40d across all lens that i own after trying out the EF 70-300 DO IS,
Ive tried removing the battery,hard reset,memorycard n left it for 30 min before putting everything back in. I also tried cleaning the lens contact of the body and the lens itself.
funny thing is i can still shot with live view but if i use live view with built in flash on i`ll get error 99.

anyone know how much canon service ctr will charge me to resolve this issue? its still under warranty.

also i tried different shutter speed 1/15 to 1-500 all of which the shutter move at the same speed and i get error 99..


hmmm i read from the manual it mention, press the shutter button halfway or remove and reinstall the battery. This error may occur if you use a non-canon lens and the camera lens or lens does not operate properly.

sounds like the lens contact point is faulty to me, although i do not know how to solve this.

die like that.. lol i got no extra body for me to use if i send this to CSC

Better send to Canon la. I got same error on my 400D last year, went back to Canon, says its the lens problem, in the end both body and lens also got repaired. But only paid for Lens, as body under warranty.

prolly body problem coz i tried with other canon lens still got error 99 cannot be all the lens faulty.. anyway thanks for ur replies

Yep I have that too but it goes away after I switched off and on again. Think body problem..

sadly mine does not work that way.... haizzzz....

I have encountered this error 99 with my 400D, Canon told me its a lens problem...

Had the problem with my 400D with a Sigma 70-300 before.. but did't escalate to other lenses

A photog friend of mine advised me to be careful with such errr coz can also mean virus - ot sure how true that is. Can try reinstalling firmware if you dare i guess

im going to send it to Canon tomorrow morning.... wish me luck ... i miss my camera!! hehe;p


Just got back my 40D from CANON Service ctr.

they said that my shutter release button has issues n need to be replace thats what caused the Error 99 for me...

be careful guys!

n thanks

yep its still under barely warranty and yes its free...

seems like a common problem...I got the same problem...sent to Canon Japan and waiting for the return...

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