1. Z

    Advice on selling used?

    Hi all, I have an expensive lens for sale: a Nikkor 14-24 if it matters, but would like to ask for general advice. I've looked on Carousell and a few people are trying to sell that lens for around S$1500, which is only slightly more than 50% of the price of the lens brand new. I had a look at...
  2. Keanen Lee

    Which camera should I get?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a camera for me to bring on overseas trips. I currently have a Canon 1300D but i feel that it's a little too bulky and the video quality is a bit lacking. I'm looking for a camera that can do decent photos and good travel videos. I'm leaning more towards mirrorless...
  3. Hetch

    Advice for new photographer: Which camera should I buy?

    Hey guys I've recently started taking photos ever since I took a photography course in NTU (still studying now) and I'm looking to get my first camera. Could I get recommendations as to which mirrorless camera/DSLR would be a good start for me please? I have been looking at Fuji X-T2/T20, Sony...