Zoo Photoshoot (20 Jan 2002)

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Jan 17, 2002
Hi, my pics from the zoo photoshoot today, to share. :) Got about 15 pics in all, but all downsized to 500x380+ with average 60kb filesize. Sorry bout the long download.


Birdie (Edmund is infatuated with this one)


Fiery bird. Anyone knows the exact name for this breed?




Another spider

Originally posted by StreetShooter

This is a good one, with humour.
Myriad, not myraid.

oops, typed too fast, didn't notice the spelling error, thanks for pointing out. The idea for this shot was suggested by Simon actually....;)

nice shots tweek ;)

Some nice shots, the scarlett ibis is good but would have benefitted from being captured from a lower viewpoint. My personal pick of the bunch is the closeup of the komodo dragon.

Great shots, Tweek!

Particularly like the zebra shots, the three komodo dragons and the last reptile (sorry, Jed, dont think this is a Komodo - looks more like the Rhinoceros Iguana).

Thanks once again. :) My fav of the lot is the 2nd meerkat pic, largely because I like its expression. Thanks for liking the other shots :D Jed, yeah, the ibis shot should have been framed lower. I was in a little bit of a frenzy trying to capture them b4 they fly away, so missed out their legs.

btw Darren, you are amazing, that IS the rhinoceros iguana. You and Edmund and Willy, always can remember all their names! And also Darren, thanks for the hospitality yesterday, you made me feel very welcomed. You're a great guy!

Nice shots!! I especially liked the Rhinoceros Iguana and the "Striped Butts".. :D (and to think i was joking with Darren and Simon earlier about shooting the butt of one of the Zebra as abstracts when we were up in the pavilion overlooking both the Cheetah and Zebra/Ostrich enclosures.)

Sorry, my apologies. I admit to not having a clue what the feller was, because I haven't been to the Zoo since the new reptile enclosure opened. I contemplated calling it the "lizard" but decided to chance it anyway... bad idea apparently.

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