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Apr 29, 2006
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Equipment Type: Lens
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: and other 3rd party lens
Price (S$): stated below
Lens Sales Letting go of many canon/sigma/zeiss/pentax/leica/tamron lens w/ adaptor for canon (optional)

Letting go of some good canon lens here as well. Those who know me will remember that i periodically go to canon to service/calibrate lens, to make sure they are giving the best resolution, sharpness, optical quality that is possible for that particular model. The lens here are all working perfectly. Selling to reorganise my range of gears, some because i had changed to another model with similar focal length etc.

2. Canon 55-200mm F4-5.6 USM

Image taken with lens:


Selling only $250. Note that a while back it was still seling for $399 as special offer when bundled to any set. Its replaced with the 55-250, but that lens is an EFS, cant be used only 1.3X or fullframe.

Selling some OM old zuiko olympus lenses. No time to post description.. so heres the list:



Very small and portable little 50mm, this lens can easily fit into a kids pocket. But do not underestimate what it can do. at wide open f1.8 it beats all the consumer nikon, canon, sony 50mm lenses. The superior optical formula allows for good resolution even when used on the 21MP 5D mark2. A fantastic buy for both OM and canon users.

Images taken with it:


Mint condition. Selling only $140








First thing to notice about 50mm is the large chunk of lens in this lens. Pretty amazing what this lens can do. The superior optical formula allows for good resolution even when used on the 21MP 5D mark2. A fantastic buy for both OM and canon users. On a fullframe 5D or 1Ds, you get the beautiful bokeh and ultra thin depth of field, on a 4/3 body you get a freaking 100F1.4 with IS, thats really fantastic for low light shooting.
Images taken with this lens:


Mint condition. Selling only $250





Sought after 50mm F3.5 macro lens. The last piece i had was sold within days of posting. Partially why this is lens is in demand because the closest alternative for it is the 4/3 mount 50F2, which easily cost 3 times of this. but gives pretty much similar quality. Like most branded macro manual focus lens, this 50mm is super sharp wide open. Bokeh is sweet as well. For more raving comments just do a simple google search..

Images taken with this lens:


Mint condition. Selling only $250

6. OLYMPUS OM ZUIKO 35-70F3.5-4.8



Very light little lens, it doesnt use heavy metal exterior, but lightweight plastic instead. Thus make the lens more like a toy, but dont underestimate its capabilities. It gives sharp image with good contrast at wide open aperture through out the whole zoom range.

Image taken with it:


Mint condition. Selling only $100 for a fast deal.

8. OLYMPUS OM ZUIKO 35-105F3.4-4.5


On a full frame body, this lens is good for the min range when coupled with a 17-35mm, on a 4/3 2X crop body, this lens gives 70-210, a very good tele range. Some of the bodies even retain IS though you have to manual focus. One good thing about this lens, it has a ring to turn, which goes into close focus mode. It instantly becomes a great macro lens, as show in image taken below. The lens is not just sharp, but also exhibits extremely high levels of contrast..

Image taken recently with this lens



Lower 2 Taken using the close focus mode of the lens, its extremely useful.

Lens in mint condition. Selling only $250.


Nice solid full metal tele zoom lens. mounted on a 4/3 body it gives 150-300F4 with IS, very nice range for its size. Images wideopen with good saturation, contrast as well.

Image taken with lens:


Good condition. Selling only $180.

11. OLYMPUS OM Zuiko 70-210mm F4.5-5.6

Cheap and decent performing lens. Despite the size its actually very light, reason being its made with more plastic parts like the 35-70 above. This makes the lens really light on the shoulder. For 4/3 users with the 2X crop, this lens easily reached to 420mm F5.6, with the stabilizer in body as well. Put it very simply, this is not a low light lens. in fact, at 210mm f5.6, its really a day lens and in good lighting conditions, you can expect very decent image quality.

Images taken with lens:

Lens in totally mint condition. Selling for only $150.

12. CPC phrase 2 cct MC Auto 135mm F2.8 - OM mount (made in japan)

Lens in absolutely mint condition with totally clean glass. front element is even greenish showing the good multi-coating. No doubt its a pretty unheard of brand, but still performs decently well. And for this price on an Olympus body, you get 270mm F2.8 with Image Stabilizer... you should know how much a canon 300F2.8 IS cost.. with abit of stopping down, this lens produce decent images for sure. Put it very simply, this is not a low light lens. in fact, at 210mm f5.6, its really a day lens and in good lighting conditions, you can expect very decent image quality.

Images taken with lens:

Lens in totally mint condition. Selling for only $120.

13. Corsen 135mm F2.8 Multi Coated Made in Japan

Another small and compact 3rd party lens made in OM mount. This lens is a very nicely built lens with nice front multicoating to improve contrast of the lens. Took it mounted on the 5D and walked around central area, yield quite a few keeper shots. Definitely good value for its price.

Images taken with lens:


Lens in totally mint condition. Selling for only $140.

14. Soligor 200mm F3.5

Selling a very nice tele prime in OM mount here. Soligor is hardly seen locally, but those who had been to overseas would know they are a pretty big and decent lens maker, probably like tamron, tokina etc.. I had use this lens on canon systems, panasonic G1 and also E300/E400. Sharpness is pretty decent, but colours given by this lens is very nice. Do note that this lens isnt light, and its front filter size is 62mm.

Images taken with lens:

Lens in good condition. Letting go at only $200. Selling cheap cos of a small scratch on front of lens, doesnt affect image taken for sure.

15. Kiron Precision 28mm F2 Mulit Coated





Above images taken just for illustration.

Do a simple search on google and you will find alot of talk about this lens. It is a very highly rated and sought after lens. In fact for the vivitar 28mm F2.0, is rumored to have 3 different versions, made by different manufacturers, but only the one made by kiron, with optics similar to this one below is sought after.

I personally have absolutely how the hell they did it, but this lens is freaking sharp wide open. Way more than similar ranged lens such as the nikon Ais 28F2 and the canon EF 28mm F1.8 USM... the only one i have not compare it to is the nikon AFD 28f1.4, but that lens cost 10times the prices of this... The resolution of this lens is fantastic. I took shots using on the 21MP 5d mark2, and fully zoomed in, you can see the sharpness of the subject, as though there is still more to zoom in to...

In the shot below of the mcd cup, i could zoom in fully and still see all the details in the small words, this is one of the first few shots with this lens that really impressed me.

Sample image taken with lens:

Selling cheap at only $350 for this nice piece of glass. Adaptor not included. Add $38 more for a OM to EOS/ 4/3 adaptor.

16. 41. Tokina 500mm F8 RMC Mirror catadioptic lens Made in Japan.(OM mount)





" The RMC Tokina 500mm 1:8 (or Tokina TM 500) is a tele lens with mirror optics and fixed aperture f8. It is focusable from 1.5 metres to infinity. As item of Tokina's RMC lens series it was made in variants for different lens mounts of renowned SLR makers. And it has a metal hood that is nearly as long as the lens and can be screwed upon the lens to avoid reflections. It can also be screwed reversely upon the lens so that it protects the lens barrel. The mirror optics lens may give a characteristic ring bokeh when unsharp image areas are rich of contrasts. "

People love and hate CAT lens. Some love it for the fact that the design of the lens doesnt allow for CA, its basically like a lens with perfect ED elements places inside, the super lightweight/size for the focal length and some hate it for the donut bokeh, slower aperture.

I would leave it to keen buyers to read up on mirror lens, but in most discussion on mirror lens, nikon's surfaces as the top in terms of image quality. I dump money to get this lens immediately after a fellow photog let me take some shots with it.

Someone's gallery with this lens:

Image taken with this nice mirror lens:

You can see the special donut bokeh in this shot

Lens in almost mint condition. Selling at a good price of only $450. Direct OM mount, no need adaptor.

Leica lens. Definitely the best money can buy in the market. Rarely will you find these good lens for sale here in CS, not to mention a full range available here. The Leica Rs here are the best manual lens i have tried, they combine the best of sharpness wide open, excellent micro contrast (with the images popping up at your face) and colours (leicas are reputed for that), not to mention the built of the lenses. Please note as well the prices stated are the best i can let go for. I am hestitant to let go of these good lens for sure and in no hurry to sell, thus hopefully really appreciative buyers come along.

1. Leica Super-Elmar-R 15mm f/3.5


Similar to condition as the above, except no box and non rom version.

" The Super-Elmar-R 15mm f/3.5 is the most extreme of the Leica wide-angle lenses (110° viewing angle). It was designed and manufactured by Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen, Germany and its optical configuration and mechanical engineering are identical to the Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/3.5, except for the special Leica element coatings, the built-in filters and the barrel finish.

The lens consists of 13 elements in 12 groups. The correction of optical errors is very good for this type of super wide-angle lens. Stopping down to f/8.0 delivers best quality. There is some fall-off in illumination towards the corners, but this can be almost fully reduced when stopping down slightly. Thanks to a floating element the lens maintains a high resolution at close range (minimum range is an amazing 16 cm).

The lens fills the complete frame and thus produces a rectilinear image. Filters are built-in. The incorporated lens hood is mainly intended for protection of the big front lens.

Use of this lens requires special care in order to avoid an impression of distortion when the lens is not on the theoretical central axis of an object. An ideal lens for picture-taking in confined spaces such as inside churches and buildings. Landscape and architectural photography can get a new meaning with this lens as objects close to the camera appear much larger than in reality, thus creating an impression of great spatial depth. An extreme depth-of-field makes it possible to render both near and distant objects in sharp focus.

An especially creative use of the Super-Elmar-R 15mm f/3.5 can be obtained by exploiting the exaggerated close-up perspective. The minimum focusing distance of 16 cm can render scale models as if they were life-like. A type of lens much used in advertising.

The French photo magazine Chasseur d'Images awarded this lens 3 stars for optical performance (their test system penalizes lenses with large f-stops; star results can only be compared among lenses within the same f-stop category). The German photo magazine ColorFoto awarded this lens 67.1 points (2 stars), the best lens in this category of super wide-angle lenses.

Weight: 910 gr, length from bayonet flange: 92,5 mm, built-in lens hood. Built-in filter turret (UVa, yellow, orange, blue correction).

Its Leica catalog number is 11213 or 11325 (with ROM). First introduced in 1980, discontinued in 2000 and replaced in November 2001 by the Super-Elmarit-R 15mm f/2.8 ASPH (made by Schneider in Germany). A rare lens. Only about 450 samples of this lens have been ordered from Zeiss. The inscription on the barrel says "Leitz Wetzlar". A ROM strip was added with the arrival of the R8 camera in 1996. "

The Leica 15mm, this is the WIDEST in the leica R range. Image quality is fantastic. Making use of a Carl Zeiss design, this lens gives excellent micro contrast, very nice deep saturated colours in combination to give that very nice magical "pop" in images take. This lens is probably not "value for money" but for a piece of history, for the fact its a LEICA, not a canon or nikon. It is worth the money. Like the Zeiss design, this lens has UV and 3 other colour filters built into the lens, switched by rotating a ring on the lens.

Image taken with this lens:

Sample recently taken using this lens on the 5D mark2 via adaptor.

This lens is selling at P&G at excelsior locally at $3900. The carl zeiss version is selling at TCW at a similar price. Letting go at only $3400.

1. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 28mm F2.8


The BEST 28mm lens there is, along side with the nikon AIS 28mm F2.8, all the rest pales in comparison. I dare to make this statement as i have used at least 20 other 28mm lens before. Fantastic condition as well. Just take a simple shot anywhere and you will see subject practically jumping up at you. Built wise also best among the usual canon, nikon, olympus... the only lens will comparable built is the made in Germany Zeiss.

Image taken with this lens:



Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $900.

2. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 35mm F2.8




Hood not included. Shown above are images from only. set for sale here in much better condition.

Similar to the 28mm, very sharp wide open, great micro contrast and fantastic colours. I have done comparisons with similar focal length and pixel peep.. the colours produced from the leicas are totally different. Not only on film, even in better dslr, a difference can be seen. 35mm is also good on cropped bodies as a "normal" lens. I have this lens mounted on my 1D and 40D very often.

Image taken with this lens:



Lens in good condition, slight user marks.. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $750.

4. Leitz Wetzlar Summicron - R 50mm F2



Image for illustration. the one sold here in better condition of cos.

Despite being an F2 lens compared to the F1.8 and F1.4 offered by other brands, this lens performs exceptionally well at F2 wide open. As shown below, it trives well in low light condition and give very 3D-ish images. Great for using as a normal lens on a FF body and a portrait lens ( the wedding studio shot below was taken using the 50F2 wide open using only the modelling light of our strobes at wide open F2 on a cropped 40D body ). If you are looking for just one good 50mm in your prime collection, this has to be it.

Image taken with this lens:



Lens in good condition, slight user marks. Letting go at only $600.

6. Leitz Wetzlar Macro Elmarit - R 60mm F2.8





Rare lens you can find locally. The 60mm gives superb performance nothing like other normal nikon, canon similar macro lens. Sharpness at even wide open is there for sure. On top of that, you can still get the characteristic Leica's spectrum of vibrant colour, excellent micro contrast and a nice 3Dish feel of the images taken. Great for products, portraits and even for walk around as it is close to a "normal" 50mm on FF body.

Randomly chosen Images taken recently with another copy of this lens i sold earlier:





Lens in BRAND NEW condition (This copy is gotten from a collector letting go for cash, condition is so superb i wont be surprise its never even mounted before). Letting go only $850.

Slightly more used piece, with only slight user marks but overall still good condition at only $750.

7. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 90mm F2.8



Shown above are images from only. set for sale here in much better condition.

Good performance like the 90f2, but 1 stop slower of course. Still, its a leica. image quality and built still way more advance than similar focal length lenses available. Images produced with this lens tends to be high in contrast as well, not forgetting to mention, its sharp wide open and gives the 3D effect in images. Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:



Exterior slight usage marks. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $800. Noted that 2nd hand shops are selling about 1100 locally.

8. Leitz Wetzlar Summicron - R 90mm F2 (For sale tonight)






Shown above are images for illustration only. Showing the gold one to collect some nose blood and drool.
The one for sale is black like the other normal ones. Mint condition. Easily pass off as new.

On of the best portrait lens in this range. My experience is that its slightly better than the nikon 85f1.4 and zeiss 85f1.4 and comparable to the 85f1.2L stopped down. Bokeh is also fantastic on this lens, which is rather heavy for its size and really built like a tank. no need more introduction, just search online to read more on it.Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:


Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $1200.

9. Leitz Wetzlar Elmarit - R 135mm F2.8


Another good lens from leica, the only other contender in this range is the 135F2L, which is larger is size but not as well built. Bokeh is beautiful, making it fabulous both half and full body shots. Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:


Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $750. Price lowered, very good price for a good tele fast leica portrait lens.

10. Leitz Wetzlar Elmar - R 180mm F4


Take one shot wide open and in focus with this lens, you will know its a gem. The colours, micro contrast, 3D feel of the lens are all amazing. Of course the leica 180f2.8 would be better, but that would easily cost 3 times the price, and be much heavier/bulky. This lens is only slightly longer than the 135, ideal for carrying around with. Lens has in built retractable hood, reducing the trouble of carrying an extra one and works well to prevent flares etc.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in mint condition. Glass totally clean. Letting go at only $900.

Have got another SUPER RARE "SAFARI" camou green version. Hardcore leica fans will know how rare it is, possibly 99% of photographers might not even have seen it. Even if you are willing to pay more i doubt you can find a second copy in Singapore. Good lens with clean optics and in MINT condition. Easily pass off as new. Letting go at only $1200

11. Leitz Elmarit - R 180mm F2.8



Image taken off E bay, the one sold here in way better condition.

Another dream leica lens, The sharpness, contrast, handling of this lens is superb. Just feeling the weight of the metal on your hands, you get confidence. Its smaller than other 180mmF2.8 such as nikon's but weights alot more, due to the large chunk of metal and glass. The built in hood comes in very handy as well. The bokeh is darn creamy and nice, while still retaining very nice colours and contrast in images. Amongst the leica range, i should think only the 280mm F2.8 would produce better portrait. In short, its quite a holy lens.

Images taken with it:

Sorry for the lack of asthetic appeal of the shots, but ya, you should have gotten a rough idea the colours, contrast and sharpness of the lens. All taken with canon 5D.

Lens in very good condition. Selling only $1200. Before bargain please note that in peninsular, the 2nd hand shop near cathay photo is selling the same lens, similar condition for 2 grand... $1200 is definitely a steal price.

12. Leitz Telyrt-R 250mm F4




Image for illustration. No box.

Beautiful leica tele lens in mint condition. The lens is moderately sized and yet still has a good aperature for the focal length. definitely good to use for portraits, sports birding etc.. However its weight is not light, this is due to the very solid leica built, the brass metal parts used inside. This lens is not commonly seen, esp on in such mint condition. If it appears in those 2nd hand, it will always be price way higher than what i have got here.

The signature leica beautiful colours are there of cos, coupled with the sharpness wide open and contrast, this is a very nice lens to use. This lens is much more worth it than paying for a 300F4L

Images taken with it recently:




Selling at only $1000.

13. Leitz Vario - Elmar - R 35-70mm F3.5 E60


above image taken online just to show the model and built, the one sold here is good as brand new.

As shown in image taken with lens below, this lens gives very nice colours and contrast. Sharpness wide open as good as well. Rather rare leica zoom lens. The built and finishing is quite nice and different from any other manual lens i tried. For canon users, i would dare to say this lens gives nice colours than the canon 24-70F2.8L, which cost alot more.

Images shot with this lens:


Lens in BRAND NEW condition (This copy is gotten from a collector letting go for cash, condition is so superb i wont be surprise its never even mounted before). Letting go only $1200. Another set with some user marks on exterior going for only $900.

14. Leitz 75-200mm F4.5 VARIO ELMAR





Very sharp and contrasty Leica R mount lens. uses pull push design, very good for manual focusing. This lens is highly comparable to canon's 70-200F4L, but has much better built, image quality and of course, the Leica name. Its good for anything from walkabout, to macro with extension tubes to portraits.

Leica Vario-Elmar-R 75-200mm f/4.5 telephoto zoom lens. Made in Japan. One ring pro-zoom. 3 focusing cam. Built-in lens hood. Multicoated glass. Perfect fit for the Leica R3, R4, R4s, R5, R6, R7, Leica RE and Leica 6.2. Will work on Leica R8 or Leica R9 as "stop-down" metering only. Could be use on Canon EOS Digital cameras with proper adapter. Filter size is E55. Close focusing from 4 feet or 1.2 meter. Aperture range from f/4.5 to f/22. Lens is in Ex++ or 9.9 of 10 cosmetic condition. No DENTS or DINGS. Clean glass. Perfect coating. Smooth focusing. Smooth and precise zooming. Good working aperture. Smooth and CLEAN aperture blades. Original caps. Nice and light weight "every day" telephoto zoom lens.




The amount of details it actually maintains on the eagles's head is amazing.

Lens in totally MINT unused condition. Good as buying it brand new. Selling only $800. All 2nd hand shops locally selling this lens more than 1K, 1100 the lowest i have seen, for condition not as mint as this piece here.

15. Leitz Wetzlar Extension Tube (for 100mm and 60mm macro lens)

This is leica's own extension tube. Beautiful leica exterior, very solid built. Will link to aperture control on leica lens and allow changing of aperture on the tube itself. Made for leica 60MM and 100mm Macro lenses.

Lens in BRAND NEW condition (This copy is gotten from a collector letting go for cash, condition is so superb i wont be surprise its never even mounted before). Letting go only $250.

16. BRAND NEW LEITZ EXTENDER-R 2X with caps at only $400. beautiful leica multi coated 2X teleconvertor

Putting up a good portion of my Zeiss collection of lens for sale. This are all fantastic lens that should be in the hands of photographers who can appreciate them. Selling in order to clear stuff and make space as all my dry cabs are full.

These lens can be used on contax body, or via adaptors onto olympus/canon bodies. I usually use with adaptor on my 5D, 40D and 1D. The lens below DO NOT come with adaptors but if buyers are keen i can help them get good deals for adaptors.


1. Carl Zeiss T* Planar 35mm F2.8 Made in Japan




Note that image taken online. For sale is lens with caps only.

The zeiss 35F2.8, less attention is given to it due to being overshadowed by its bigger brother, the very sought after Zeiss 35F1.4 . However it was made to serve a different market altogther. It does offer a large F1.4 aperture to do low light thin depth of field shots, but it offers something else, a very small portable size, with the confidence to use it wide open at F2.8 in all shots, because even at its largest aperture, F2.8 it offers extremely high resolution and contrast.

This lens is good for anyone who likes to shot using a 35mm, if you find a 28mm or 24mm too wide for your style. Personally, 35mm is far from my most used focal length and furthermore keeping the 35F1.4 for a while more, thus letting go of this precious lens. Resolution of this lens is very good and it will most probably not be out resolved even when full frame DSLR reaches 60MP.

Images taken with lens:


Lens in good condition. Letting go at a sweet price of only $500.

3. Carl Zeiss T* Planar 50mm F1.7 Made in Japan


One of the best 50mm produced. The usual mass produced nikon and canons are definitely not up to such precise engineered and produced lens. Within the zeiss primes ranges, esp for people shots, this is my 3rd favourite, after the 35F1.4 and 85F1.4 (keeping them for the moment unless good offers come along).

Although a small little lens (smaller than the canon 50f1.8 in fact), it is definitely a performer. Reviews have rated its optical quality better than the 50f1.4 (google them). Some tests also reveal that the actual amount of light passing thru is more than a F1.7 lens, closer to F1.5

There are also numerous comparisons under extreme condition of zeiss, leica, canon, nikon and other brands of 50mm. Google them and read to understand why the zeiss is so highly rated.

Lens in very good condition, both optically and exterior.

A shot taken with it:


Excellent contrast, and extremely sharp where it is focused on.

Letting go for only $320.

4. Carl Zeiss T* Planar 50mm F1.4 Made in Japan


Widely acclaimed Zeiss planar 50F1.4, this is the good old one that made the name. The newer nikon ZF ones are just reproductions, not inferior but different... As expected from a zeiss T* lens of course, very nice sharp contrasty colours. Fabulous for low light usage with its very nice F1.4 large aperture. For those very nice thin depth of field shots, low light shooting, portraits etc, this has got to be the lens.

Images taken with this excellent piece of glass:



Check out the bokeh, thin depth of field and contrast.. it has to be a zeiss F1.4 lens

Good condition except for 2 small marks on front glass, doesnt affect image for sure, selling at only $400.

2 Best contax zoom lens in CY mount, the 35-70 and the 28-85 both are fantastic performers in their own field. The 28-85 gives a larger range with 28mm at the wide end while the 37-70 is smaller, constant aperture and has a fantastic macro mode at 35mm. Both perform extremely well, beautiful micro contrast, bokeh and sharp wide open, to the extent primes may lose out to them in quality.

Read online discussions here.





Alot more, just google.

i can assure that the quality of L lens pale in comparison to these..

5. Carl Zeiss T* Planar 85mm F1.4 Made in Germany - 2 viewings coming up, one tonight, one on tuesday.




Images above for illustration only.

Some comments below from http://images.google.com.sg/imgres?imgurl=http://www.photographyreview.com/channels/photographyreview/images/products/product_83434.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.photographyreview.com/mfr/contax/35mm-primes/PRD_83434_3111crx.aspx&usg=__HVG-HXKH-9WuhmatQ6sPvDemo6w=&h=175&w=175&sz=5&hl=en&start=144&sig2=lABHNcFZzUsnGLGym5uWMA&tbnid=yGEXRWyhI7-ROM:&tbnh=100&tbnw=100&prev=/images%3Fq%3DCarl%2BZeiss%2BT*%2BPlanar%2B85mm%2BF1.4%26ndsp%3D18%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26start%3D126&ei=3J05SqHgENCGkQWrlPicDQ

" My sample is an AE version, Made in West Germany.

This is an outstanding lens which displays a superb combination of sharpness, low distortion and good bokeh. This combination makes it an excellent portrait lens.

Wide open, it is sharp in the centre and there is a distinct softness at the edges. Background bokeh is smooth and the transition between in-focus and out of focus areas of the shot gives an almost 3D effect.

Stopping down to f/2.8 yields sharpness across the frame and this is optimised at f/4. There is no need to stop down further except to obtain more depth of field. As expected, resolution deteriorates after f/11 due to diffraction.

I have used the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 AIS which has a remarkably similar optical design, but doesn't quite equal the Zeiss design, and the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L which lacks the sophistication of either, but offers an extra 0.5 stop. Of the three lenses, the Zeiss optical design is clearly the best.

I used this lens on a Contax 167MT and various Canon SLRs and DSLRs using adapters."

" The 85mmF1.4 was the best amoung the short tele photo of the zeiss range( range 70 - 180 )except 135F2.0. The 1.4 f stop produce soften sharp image that is good for potraiture.My personal encounter with the MM and AE mount type Both made in W.Germany. These are my commences; Both are different. The older AE type will have a better colour redition than the MM type under tunsten lighting night shots and the MM tend to biased to reddish hue. From the first appearance from pictures ,the MM has a more dynamic appeal than the AE type. but if you are comparing the shadow detail the AE have much better resolving power. Come to sharpness at infinity the AE will able to produced fine razor sharp detail while the MM will tend toward softer image . At closed shot the AE will suffer some vigenet at the 4 corners but the MM will not appear.Overall MM tend to be more contrast which lead me to believe there are some changes in the the optical construction. But I'm very much convinced Zeiss had strive to maintain and enhanced the standard but they may have introduced new glass material to remain competitive.The sharpness of this AE lens is great as comparable to 50 mm F4 CF lens but CF is still a more superior lens overall."

" This is a fellow-up of my previous review. After two years of using it regularly, it still remains one of my favourite lenses. This lens is one of the best portrait lenses (although some would say Marko-Planar 100 is as good). I always use it for studio and outdoor portrait. It is definitely worth buying the Contax 67mm dedicated rubber hood to go with it. This lens was orginally developed for the Contarex system. It is a bit sharper than the famous Contarex Sonnar 85/2 which I also own. I believe the new Contax N 85/1.4 has the same basic design and construction.It is not only useful for portrait but also great for general landscape, architectual and low light photography. I needed to clarify the point about Made in Japan vs Made in Western lens issue. Carl Zeiss told me that there is absolutely no difference in term of performance and construction between the old W. German made AE lenses and the new Japanese made MM lenses. All those things said by the dealers are pure fairy tales! The only difference is that "made in West Germany" is more "purely Zeiss" in collector's mind."

" Best portrait lens at moderate price in Zeiss. This gives both of soft and very sharp images. The people who own this lens sometimes says its difficult to focus through it. I dont think so, and I can make it best by adjusting the view finder. Most popular one in Japan as well as 50 f1.4."

" No joke, but this is the lens that made me switch from the Leica system to Contax. When I rented it out and got my chromes back, I sold all of my Leica lenses the next day, including the 90mm F/2 Summicron & 80mm f/1.4 Summilux. This lens is capable of superior portrayals. It is the sharpest 35mm short telephoto lens I ever used. The resolution & contrast is just amazing. No Contax photographer can afford to be without this lens."

" Before I bought this lense, I have seen amazing pictures taken with it from two Japanese books devoted to CONTAX camera and Carl Zeiss lenses.
I checked out several second hand dealers in Hong Kong and surprised to know that the second hand West Germany made 85 F1.4 AE lenses are substantially more expensive than the Japanese ones. I did not understand the logic of it, why do nationality of the factory makers make any different to the lenses quality of the same brand in theory? But all the dealers claim that the German made lenses are better; being sofer, less sharp and giving better color reproduction under low condition than the Japanese MM lenses. The dealer claimed it is even better than Leica lenese. Whether this is an exaggeration or not is another matter. So I was convinced by the dealer and bought the West Germany lenses. I got some pictures coming out taken under dull, dim winter light conditions.
The color saturation is good even with ultra high speed film. It is reasonably sharp, although nowhere as sharp as the pictures taken with a medium format camera under similar conditons( sorry, really not a fair comparison!). For the same amount of money I paid, I could buy a second hand 250mm lenses for my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. So it is a really expensive investment for 35mm photography."

To be fair, here is someone else's gallery for this lens. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kam/sets/72157605357786283/

Images taken with lens:

Selling $800 for a more used copy, $1000 for a better condition perfect optics copy.

22. Carl Zeiss T* Tele-Tessar 200mm F3.5 Made in West Germany


As shown from image above, this is a pretty big lens, similar to the rest of the in the contax series, this lens maintains very good sharpness even wide open at F3.5, so long as focus in on, though the depth of field can get abit thin at 200mm F3.5 wide open. however this is actually pretty good as it gives the image a beautiful bokeh, superb for outdoor portriats, couple shoots etc. The typical good micro contrast characteristics exhibited by most other zeiss lenses are not left out here as well.

Shots taken with it:

Lens in very good condition. Selling at a sweet price of only $500.

6. Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 3,4 / 35-70 Made in Japan


Some of the reviews online on this lens:

" Very sharp and compact zoom with constant aperture. Its performance is in par with prime lenses. Zooming mechanism is silky smooth without zoom creep. It outperforms the Zeiss 28-70 VS in sharpness. Its macro function (1:4) is very good."

" An excellent compact zoom lens from Zesis. Picture is typical zesis taste. Very good lens build. My standard lens on Aria."

" Summary:
as good as the Leica zoom; much better than canon L zoom; comparable to nikon 50/1.2 when set to 50 mm focal length; now the price goes down to only about US$ 500 -----

possibly the best standard zoom "

" Summary:
This is an excellent Zoom which can compete with the best primes on the market also in case of flare!!!(just 10 elements).You shouldn't complain about the limited zoom-range, therefore it's light and compact compared to the VS28-85. And finally: Don't underestimate the macro-setting!

Very sharp and contrasty from f8,0-22.
Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Excellent close focussing ability (25cm) delivering top notch results. Overall it's as good as the best primes!!! "

My own experience with this lens is fantastic as well. Only complains is that it could be abit wider, but paired with my 16-35L, the combi is perfect. One of my favourite walk around lens as well. The macro setting, though only at 35mm, goes really darn close and gives a very very nice bokeh for macro, putting designated macro lens to shame. Selling as i have 2 copies of it, letting go one.

Shots taken with it:


Shots above shows how far the lens zooms, and also the micro contrast of the lens.



Sharpness of the lens is fantastic. Very high resolution. It most probably wont even be out resolved by the 20+MP 1Ds mark3 unlike normal consumer lenses.

Zoomed in crop:

Lens in very good condition. Priced at only $700.

7. Carl Zeiss T* Vario Sonnar 40-80mm F3.5




Check out their description and how much its being sold online by looking at these ebay ads:



Another very outstanding zeiss optics lens with very nice deep deep colours and saturation. A very good mid range lens to go with the zeiss 80-200 as well. Filter ring only 55mm, thus able to get filters very cheaply. A compact little wonder.

Images taken with this lens:


Lens in totally MINT condition.Selling only $750.

8. Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 3,3-4.0 / 28-85 Made in Japan


Only thing about this lens is that its rather big, with the front taking 82mm filters, but of cos, the build is really solid and respectable.

gives a very nice range from wide at 28mm to tele at 85mm.

Some online reviews on it:

The best zoom ever made? lots of us think so. Consider the primes lenses this zoom would replace in your camera bag: 28 f/2.8, 35 f/2.8, 45 f/28, 50 f/1.7 and the 85 f/2.8. The amazing part is, its nearly impossible todistinguish between images made by this zoom and the afore mentioned primes. With enough enlargement, the primes eventually win the day, but not by much. The lens is a chunk, and carrying it around on an RTSIII with a full load of AA batteries is no joy. The front element rotates during focus, its some what quirky in that the zoom is fully extended at 28mm and fully retracted at 85mm. I'm not a fan of zoom lenses, I think they turn people into lazy tourist photographers (no offense meant to the lazy tourist photographers out there) Fixed focal lengths make you move around alot more and you spend more time composing your shot. I make the exception with this lens because the image quality is stunning.

quite capable of kicking major booty on other manufactures prime lenses everday of the week and twice on Sunday with one of its T* coated lenses tied behind its back.

yeah its heavy, the front element rotates, it requires a huge thin polarizer. What would Arnie think if he heard you whining like that? don't be a girly man (or woman) "

" Summary
This lens is the real deal! I have five Contax prime lenses and and am extremely happy with all of them. Decided that I neede a zoom in this range and took the financial plunge and bought a new one (searched for several months and could not find a used one anywhere, and now I know why).
This lens is extremely well made and tack sharp at all ranges. I'm not going to make comparisons, but if you are just getting into the manual Contax line, let this be your primary lens in the 28-85 range. I will keep my primes that fall in this range, but this zoom stays on one of my bodies ALL the time. Get the Contax lens hood and a thin filter, either Heliopan or B&W. The Contax filter is not made by the Contax company and are not up to par with the companies previously mentioned.

SHARP at all focal points. Excellent build quality."

" Summary
This has to be the best zoom lens made. It even auto-focuses with the Contax AX, what more can I ask?"


Hardly any complain about the lens except for the size and large front.

Shots taken with this lens:


Lens in mint condition. Priced at only $900.[Shops in peninsular sells much more than that]





Like the other 2 Carl Zeiss above, this is an amazing zoom. how so? image quality, sharpness, contrast is as good as other zeiss primes, but better than alot of 3rd party primes. No sh!t, this lens easily puts many of today's modern lens like canon70-200F4L and F2.8L to shame. One look at the front, you can see from the coating that this is one serious lens. I remember that back about 10yrs back, around 1999 to 2000, this lens was going for about 900 USD, with the conversion back and shipping then, it probably worked to about 2K SGD, a much wished for but out of reach lens. Built wise as the other reviews online say, is seriously solid with being excessively heavy. The fact that its a pull push design makes it a joy to zoom and focus at the same time. This lens, like other fine raved about lens, has a nickname, "stovepipe".

I have sold off 2 pieces of this lens before, both photographers who bought the lens were impressed by its image quality. you cant go wrong with this lens.

Reviews here:


Shots taken with this amazing better than primes lens:


More reviews on the 80-200F4, its seriously a damn good lens, putting primes to shame.




Lens in MINT condition, practically unused.
Letting go at only $850.

11. Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar 135mm F2.8







Another very high quality, highly rated Zeiss lens in CY mount at affordable price. This lens produce image quality comparable to its leica counterpart and the short telephoto makes it really excellent for shooting portrait. Images are very good wide open and users can easily go with F2.8 for everyshot without worrying about sharpness and resolution. Contrast is very good, the bokeh is beautiful, its one of the reasons why this lens is well liked.

Images taken with this beautiful lens:


Lens in MINT condition. Good as brand new. Letting go at only $600.

16. Yashica DSB 50 F1.9 Made in Japan




A good and commonly owned/discussed online little lens. One good thing about this lens which will put other F1.4 or F1.2 50mm to shame is that the sharpness and contrast wide open at F1.9, is already very very good, there is no need to stop down. Once you can nail the focus and exposure, images produced will be nothing less than satisfying. Similar to the other lens here, its a solid MADE IN JAPAN lens, these days you hardly find lens made in japan, not of this price range...

Shots taken with it:



Lens in very good condition. Letting go for only $150. Adaptor not included. Add $38 more for a CY to EOS adaptor.

20. Yashica DSB 135mm F2.8 Made in Japan





Old school Yashica DSB lens. As shown from the image right above this, the front shows a nice large piece of glass. To be honestly, its not super sharp wide open and definitely not a contender against some of the highly sought after ones like canon 135F2L, Nikon AIS 135F2, or even the carl zeiss 135F2, but its still a nice piece of history, and gives very decently performance. Stopped down to F4, you can expect good sharpness. The lens remains pretty small and light despite the F2.8 aperture. For several weeks i had it mounted through adaptor and took a good few shots. On the 2X crop sensor its equivalent to 270F2.8.

Images taken with lens:

Selling cheaply at only $150 for this nice piece of glass. Adaptor not included. Add $38 more for a CY to EOS adaptor.

These M42 lens can be used directly on old film bodies or via adaptor on all modern nikon, canon, olypmus, sony KM, pentax DSLR.

For those buying the lens before, i can sell you brand new adaptors cheaply as well.

M42 to EOS - $25

M42 to Nikon with good japan glass(has coating) for focus to infinity - $40

M42 to KM/Sony bodies - $30

2. Auto Focal 35mm F2.8 Made in Japan

Cheap, third party, Made in Japan lens. This lens probably came from a generation of many 3rd party lens makers in japan. Exterior looks pretty nice, like a cross between the contax designs and the newer pentax SMC designs.. Decent image quality at f2.8 but stopped down, its does gives some very sharp images.

Image taken with this lens:

Selling cheap at just $80.

3. Super Takumar 55mm F2

Small and budget lens, yet with good performance. Compare to the canon 50f1.8 mark2, it definitely gives a better bokeh as that uses a 5 blade aperture only. in terms of image and built, this is sure more value for money provided AF is not crucial.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens in very good condition. Selling cheaply at only $120.

3. SMC Takumar 55mm F2

Small and budget lens, yet with good performance. Compare to the canon 50f1.8 mark2, it definitely gives a better bokeh as that uses a 5 blade aperture only. in terms of image and built, this is sure more value for money provided AF is not crucial.

Image taken with this lens:

Lens has slight marks on exterior, overall good working condition. Selling cheaply at only $160.

5. Super Takumar 135mm F3.5 SMC (SUPER Multi COATed)

One of the best known pentax lens. all who used pentax system before will know. This is one super sharp lens. Dont take my word for it, google online to find out more and come try it yourself as well.

"To combat the undesirable consequences of partial reflection, scientists developed chemical coatings to be applied to glass surfaces. These coatings increase r, and in the case of Pentax's famous Super Multi-Coating (SMC), r = 0.998! Performing the above calculation for a lens with 10 groups, we get L = 0.96, or only 4% light loss.

SMC was patented and first applied in 1971, when Pentax was still making screw mount equipment. To highlight the fact that the lens elements were super multi-coated, Pentax renamed their lens lines from Takumar and Super-Takumar to Super-Multi-Coated Takumar and later on to SMC Takumar."

"In reference 06671, Pentax claims that SMC is "a remarkable seven-layer lens coating process that cuts the reflection ratio down to just 0.2% per lens surface. The result is a dramatic improvement in both color fidelity and brightness and the elimination of flare and ghost images."

In the meantime, all optics manufacturers have developed some form of surface coating, and each claims "superior performance." In practice, most tests point that Pentax's SMC is still the best of all mainstream solutions."

Quote from material online to show how fantastic this is, together with the superior lens design giving the extremely sharp wide open performance.

Image taken with this lens:

Letting go cheaply at only $280. non SMC version available for $230.

6. Super Takumar 150mm F4
Looks almost identical to the 135f3.5 in terms of built and optics design, this lens is equally sharp as the former. Most of the time with me, its used on a 5D body. The lens is so sharp you can zoom in fully on the 5D images and its still pin sharp. No kidding..

Image taken with this lens:

Letting go at $250. Mint condition.

6. Vivitar Auto Telephoto 200mm F3.5






A nice large 200mm tele lens in M42 mount. the advantage of being in an M42 mount, means it can be adapted to a large variety of different bodies, nikon, canon, sony, 4/3, micro 4/3, pentax etc etc.. The F3.5 aperture is only 2/3 stops away from an F2.8, but weight and price of this lens is way less than buying a nikon or canon 70-200F2.8.. At wide open it gives decent image quality but improvements can be seen when stopped down to F5.6.. This lens is definitely good value for money if one doesnt mind manual focusing.

Image taken with this lens:

Slight used marks, overall good working condition. Letting go only $220.

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