WTBuy: Compact - Ricoh GR III (with viewfinder, GA-1, batteries, etc.)

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Aug 12, 2007
Classifieds Type: WTBuy

Equipment Type: Compact

Brand: Ricoh

Short Description: GR III (with viewfinder, GA-1, batteries, etc.)

Price (S$): $800 +/- (depends on condition, age and what you have with it)

Condition of Item(s): 9

Detailed Description:
Looking for a GR III. Doesn't really matter if its street edition or not but prefer standard edition.

Minor user marks are fine (more major marks may be ok, camera should be priced accordingly) but all buttons should be working well and LCD without dead pixels or scratches. Most importantly, the camera must not have any dust in it.

Do let me know the age of the camera. Warranty is a bonus but not needed if everything is in order.

Keen to purchase with the following accessories (in order of priority):
- OVF (can be GV-1 or GV-2 or some other OVF, even a cheap plastic one for framing. GV-1 particularly if you also have the GW-4 for sale)
- GA-1 (to put a 49mm filter over the lens to minimise dust)
- Spare battery(ies)
- GW-4
- External charger
- Neck strap (or any strap that isn't the hand strap)

Not desperate for one so just putting this out there to see if there's anyone who wishes to offload their camera, preferably with the accessories listed above.

Thanks for reading

Name: Chas

Phone Number:
816three 97eight3

Don't really need the OVF or any of the accessories for that matter.

Also semi open to a GR IIIx. Would adjust my budget accordingly.

Found a set, will unlock thread/repost new thread if still looking.

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