would anyone recommend Canon S40

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thinking of getting another smaller compact camera, would anyone recommend the Canon S40, listed that as one of my choice to buy, if not maybe F601 or some other like Coolpix.

any good experience with S40?


Well, since you already have the C2040, how about the C40Z.

I switched form the C3030 to the C40 and I love it.

Very compact and full of features.

You can of course share the SM cards with your C2040.

Hope this helps.

Yeha agreed abt what Pit has said. Better to get a SM card base. Unless you have not spent that much on SM card.

The S40 is a very good P&S DC. It a bit heavier then most DC.
Try out the F601Z last nite at John and find that it a bit small. HAndling is a problem. But pic quality shld be not bad (Fuji's colors.......). Like the overall design. The menu is oso quite easy to play ard with.

Hope that help!

c40z, the sliding door seems very plastic (i know its made from plastic) but they should had made it more firm... compared to the S40 sliding door.. s 40 one is much better..

but still, i hate these sliding door camera.

S40's multiway contoller is a bit hard to use esp if ur thumb is big and fat. Pushing up and enter is always a miss and hit thing.

if u want a point n shoot camera, i rather get a ixus 300 or ixus V. S40 aint too small either.

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