what lightweight tripod to get for my dimage z2?

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Jul 18, 2003
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hi guys,

I'm planning to get a tripod to support my dimage z2. But i need it to be not bulky and lightweight (<1kg and preferably around 500-700g).

reason being my gf doesn't want our travels to end up like a photoshoot etc bla bla bla (i think you get the point ;) )

just need it to be able to support the weight of the camera without any additional lenses and is very easy to carry around (hopefully can slip into my shoulder bag).

oh yea. hopefully cheap too.. :)

a few that i am currently considering:
- slik sdv-20 (someone selling for $20) but problem is that its 1+ kg and looks bulky
- slik 384T - Max Length 1.010m, Min Length 0.350m, Wt 500g
- tanner tr-102 - can't seem to find any reviews on this but someone is selling it..

u can see that my price range is in the <$50 region cause i don't want to spend too much on it.

appreciate any advice or suggestions. thanks in advance.

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