What is the best method to store negatives?

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Tony K

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Jan 23, 2002
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What's the best & economical method to store my 35mm negatives?
Should I store all my negatives in my electronic dry box?

Pls comment.

I do just that. Last thing you want is fungus on your film.

acccording to wat i know, storing negatives in dry cabinet will cause them to detoriate faster due to the high temperature. its better to store negative in a cooler place. to minimize humility, u can wrap them up with newspaper or sore in some air tight container with silica gel.

I thought dry cabinet will have the same "dryness" as compared to an air tight box.
It's like comparing Pampers with Fitti. :D

But I'm not too sure about the temperature inside my electronic dry cabinet.
Whenever I take my camera / videocam / video tapes out, they don't feel warm. It's actually quite cool.

I heard there's some albums specially used to put negatives only, is it good?
Where to get them?

i dun noe much abt. such albums. :embrass:

but i think the more crucial ones are the negatives sleeves. they are the ones that are in direct contact with the negatives. most sold in singapore are not archival. i am not very sure about it. maybe u can try asking fotoguide, cathay and ruby.

actually, i am not very sure abt wat is high temperature. but i heard from other photographers that they keep their negatives in an air-conditioned room which is on for 24 hrs....think my dry cabinent with a temp of 28 degrees isn't that suitable too.

wat are the temp in u guys dry cabinent??

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